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Generators in Bucks and Montgomery, PA

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When a storm hits or a power line goes down, is your home prepared? With a properly working generator, you will be. We want to help make sure that, no matter what happens in Bucks and Montgomery, PA, your home is ready to press on.

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The team at Carney All Seasons works with a wide range of generators so that you can be paired with whatever system fits your home and your needs best.

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How Can a Whole Home Generator Support My Home?

Whole home generators support your home by supplying needed electricity to your home’s electrical panel. While a whole home generator may not supply the full amount of power you get from the utility company, it will provide enough power to keep the major systems of your home — heating, cooling, electrical and needed plumbing — operable.

How Does It Know to Switch?

Most whole home generators are equipped with sensors and automatic switching that enables the generator to provide power as soon as a power interruption is detected. This is why you may see generators go by the name "automatic standby generators." The sensors constantly monitor the electrical flow coming from your home electrical panel, so should an interruption occur, the automatic switch is engaged, and the generator immediately turns on.

What Kinds of Fuels Do Generators Use?

There are 3 main types of fuels used with whole home generators:

  • Natural gas
  • Propane
  • Diesel fuel

Natural gas is the most convenient of the fuels to use because our experts can connect your generator right to your home’s main gas line. Using natural gas with your generator means there’s no need to manage the fuel for your generator. Propane is also a good fuel to use with a generator as it has a long shelf life and functions very much like natural gas. The only difference is that you will need a propane tank to hold the fuel, but your generator can connect directly to the tank. Diesel fuel whole house generators have a large fuel tank underneath the unit so that fueling is made simple. You are responsible for filling the tank, however.

We Offer Generator Services in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need installation for a natural gas, propane or diesel whole house generator, Carney All Seasons is the place to call. We will expertly install your generator so that you have all the power you need during an outage. Already have a whole home generator? Our trained experts can conduct bi–annual maintenance to make sure it runs when you need it, and we can also make any needed repairs. Call us today, and let our experts help you with all of your generator needs!

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