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Is Your AC Making Loud Noises? Here’s What to Do

Call us. No, we’re serious. If your air conditioner is making any loud noises, your first instinct should be to call your local team of professionals. Sure, we’ll get into more detail down below about what these noises can mean, but nine times out of ten homeowners don’t have the tools to address them.

If you’re waiting for a professional technician to show up and you’re trying to get more information as to what could be wrong, then keep reading. We’re going to talk about some of the most common noises to occur in air conditioners and what they signal. From refrigerant leaks to a squealing rubber belt, we assure you that none of these sounds are good. Unless your system works at normal noise levels, a noisy unit calls for air conditioning repair in Bucks County, no ifs or buts.

So, give us a call and keep reading!

Take Note of These Noises

We mentioned above that your air conditioner is supposed to function at low levels of noise. If you hear anything other than the whooshing of air through the vents and the sound of fan and compressor motors, then there’s probably something wrong. We don’t mean to be alarmist, but a happy air conditioner is always better than a noisy one.

Banging and Clanging

Banging and clanging noises are a little more obvious to detect as well as pinpoint. These sounds usually denote that there’s a part of your air conditioner that’s come loose and is rubbing up or pushing against either the side of the unit or other internal components. It’s a good idea to get this addressed as quickly as possible. Think about it: if the blower or fan is loose and constantly hitting your compressor, this might become a much more serious and expensive problem, right?

Hissing or Bubbling

Refrigerant is kept at high pressure in your air conditioner. It is cycled from a gas to a liquid as it evaporates and condenses, drawing heat with it. That’s basically how your air conditioner works! Unfortunately, sometimes refrigerant leaks can cause the overall efficacy and efficiency of your system to decline. This can usually be detected by either a hissing noise of refrigerant gas escaping from the lines, or a bubbling noise of air bubbles that have gotten into the lines where liquid refrigerant is cycled. Either way, get this problem addressed ASAP.


Air conditioners contain rubber belts that help things move along. After all, there is a motor and motors usually consist of belts and parts in motion that cycle those belts. Similarly to when a car squeals, a squealing air conditioner usually means there’s a rubber belt that needs to be replaced. This isn’t so bad of a repair, as long as it is taken care of quickly. Once that belt snaps or becomes too frayed to work well, you’ll start seeing some compounding problems.

Need Help?

We get it, it’s tiring hearing us say to call you. Homeowners wish there were more DIY solutions to these problems. However, as these systems get more and more expensive and complicated year after year, it’s becoming clearer that only a professional technician has the expertise to fix them. We can be that team of pros.

The team at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is ready and waiting. Give us a ring!

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