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How a Heating Replacement Can Save You Money

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Replacing your heating system in Warminster presents you with the opportunity to invest in a more efficient, reliable heater. Aging and/or malfunctioning heating systems can cause multiple problems that cost money and time. There are a lot of choices when it comes to installing a new heating system, and working with a trained professional can help you determine what the best system is for you and your home. For over 30 years, Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling has offered comprehensive heating services, so make an appointment with one of our installation experts today.

Reasons Replacement Can Save Money

Wondering how a new heating replacement is actually a great opportunity? Here are some reasons:

Energy Efficiency

Today’s heating systems are very energy efficient. The average lifespan of a combustion heating system is 15-20 years. If your current system is this old or older, it is very likely that you are missing out on the savings a more energy efficient unit can offer. You may also want to look at other more energy efficient options, such as ductless heating. Installing a new heating system provides the opportunity to greatly increase your energy efficiency, which can save you money.


No one likes dealing with a broken heating system. An even worse scenario is dealing with a heater that breaks down frequently, causing stress and discomfort, and costing you money. With a new heating system, you won’t have to worry about the unpredictability of an aging system. Instead, you can enjoy comfort and warmth all winter long.

New Lifespan on Equipment

If your combustion heating system is 15 years or older, it is questionable how much time your equipment has left: is it one more season? Is it three? With a new system, you have the opportunity to re-set the clock and take comfort in knowing you have time, reliability and energy efficiency on your side.

A heating replacement in Warminster is a great opportunity for you, your home and your wallet.

If it’s time for a new heating system in your home, call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling today and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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Warminster Heating Guide: Ways to Improve Furnace Efficiency

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

As temperatures dip to uncomfortable lows, you keep your furnace running for longer periods of time throughout the night and day. This can drive up your utility bills, and if you have an inefficient system, it may take longer to heat your home and will have a negative impact on the environment. Sometimes, it seems like the only way to save money is by leaving your furnace off for large portions of the day. However, there are a few simple ways to improve the efficiency of your system without sacrificing any comfort.

Change the Filter

Experts recommend you change the furnace filter about once a month if you use a standard one-inch fiberglass filter, and to clean a washable filter every month as well. Three-inch filters only need to be changed every three months, though this number may vary depending on usage. A dirty filter can restrict airflow to the unit causing your furnace to become overworked, which may lead to various repair needs and could cause the system to overheat.

Schedule Regular Heating Maintenance

Heating maintenance is a service that you can schedule every year with a trained technician. The standard steps of a heating system tune up include cleaning key components, adjusting some of the parts, and performing a full inspection. And if this is done by a trained professional, there is a chance that your system will gain back a large portion of the efficiency that is lost over the course of a year. The parts of your furnace may have worn down slightly since the last heating season. This is standard for any heating system, but a thorough cleaning and adjustment can restore it to an efficient state and ward off repairs for years to come.

Consider a New System

Sometimes a maintenance visit cannot help to overcome the wear and tear accrued by an older system. When your unit is beyond help from heating maintenance, you may consider an entirely new unit that offers greater efficiency and can give you a return on your investment throughout the years. Look at the AFUE (Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency) to determine how much energy your unit uses to heat a home and how much is lost to the surrounding environment.

Call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling to schedule a heating system tune up in Warminster today!

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How Effective is Geothermal Cooling?

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Geothermal cooling is relatively new to the residential cooling and heating market, but the science behind it has been around for decades. Geothermal systems are very effective in two important ways: first, they are very energy efficient and second, they are excellent at providing comfortable cooling and heating for your home. If you are considering geothermal cooling in Warminster, but have some questions about how the system will work, call the experts who can help: Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

Effective Cooling

A geothermal system is very effective at cooling your home for a couple of reasons. First, the system uses a heat pump, which transfers the heat and humidity from your home and transfers it into the ground where the loop resides. The cooling is a constant, low level disbursement of air that creates a nice, even temperature throughout your living spaces. Second, geothermal systems typically dehumidify the air up to 30% more than traditional air conditioners, naturally balancing the moisture levels in your home.

Highly Effective for Energy Efficiency

There are several reasons a geothermal system is so effective at being energy efficient. First, the system doesn’t use any fossil fuels at all. Second, the heat pump for the geothermal system uses very little electricity to run. Third, a geothermal system uses a source for energy that isn’t just renewable, it’s nonstop: the constant, steady temperature of the Earth just below the frost line. This resource will never run out, making it beyond sustainable. Fourth, the savings you will realize over time due to the energy efficiency of the system is significant: a reduction up to 60-70% of annual cooling and heating costs. These are the main reasons why geothermal systems are so effective in significantly increasing your energy efficiency and decreasing your carbon footprint.

Geothermal systems are incredibly energy efficient, and with average life spans of 25-50 years, they are also incredibly durable.

If you think geothermal cooling in Warminster may be the right choice for your home, call Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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Should I Call for Maintenance if My AC Is Having Problems?

Friday, June 27th, 2014

When you’re having problems with your AC, you might have a hard time figuring out what service to ask for from an HVAC contractor. Many air conditioning service providers also offer air conditioning maintenance, but you may not be sure which service you need.

Problems with your air conditioning system require immediate repair. For any issues, an AC repair service is needed to assess the specific problem. Air conditioning maintenance, on the other hand, provides inspection, cleaning, and adjustment services that may prevent such problems in the future. The following guide details the differences between AC repair and maintenance, so you know what to ask for from an HVAC specialist.

AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is a service offered by many HVAC specialists to check whether your system is running smoothly and to recommend any additional services you may need. We recommend maintenance once a year to check your system for any deficiencies that may drive up your bills or cause issues in the future.

During AC maintenance, your system will be thoroughly inspected. You may not know if you have a loose or damaged part in your system, and it could be reducing your system’s energy efficiency. With a thorough inspection, these issues can be located, and the technician will recommend any additional parts or services you may need. The technician will also check refrigerant levels and perform any necessary adjustments. Furthermore, your AC system will receive cleaning wherever necessary. A technician will clear out any dust or debris that may be affecting the efficiency of your system.

AC Repair

If you’re having problems with your AC, contact a technician immediately for AC repair. If you are experiencing little or no cooling, uneven cooling, short cycling, loud noises, or a broken thermostat, you want a technician to repair the problem as soon as possible to get your system back to normal. It’s important to contact a technician for repairs at the first sign of a problem, because these issues could mean an eventual system breakdown.

Whether you need repairs for problems with your AC or would like to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Warminster, call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

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Why Cover Your Air Conditioner During the Winter?

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Many air conditioner owners in Maple Glen wonder how best to care for their outdoor condenser units during the winter months that they are not in use. It can be a bit confusing, as everyone seems to have different opinions. Some people claim that wrapping your air conditioner is of utmost importance, while others claim that it can actually harm your air conditioning system. Ultimately the importance comes down to location of your home and the conditions of the environment, but at Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we believe offering some sort of protection over your condenser unit is a good idea. The important thing is how you do it.

If you’re  concerned about debris falling into your unit, such as pine needles, ice or leaves, simply cover your condenser unit with a piece of plywood. Put a brick on top to hold it in place, and you’re all set. This will also keep rain and snow out, as well as corrosive salt water for those that live near the ocean. If you want to further protect your unit you may opt for a full cover, but it is important that you give this some further consideration.

If your concerned about the fins or casing of your condenser unit and must use a full cover, be sure that it is made of a breathable material. Sure, you may have some large trash bags in the garage that would cover it, but this can actually do more harm than good. Using plastic or other non-breathable materials to cover your air conditioner can trap moisture inside the unit. When the sun is shining during the winter the cover will heat up, making it much warmer inside the plastic and creating the perfect environment for rust and mildew to develop. Plus, this warm area makes a tempting place for rodents to spend the winter. Many electricians spend some time in the spring rewiring systems that have had their wiring chewed through.

Before you take any steps in protecting your air conditioner – consult your owner’s manual or as your Maple Glen heating and air conditioning contractor.  Most importantly, protect your air conditioner following the passing of winter in the most reliable way possible. Call a professional air conditioning service provider for regular maintenance service before putting your air conditioner into regular use. This is the best way to make sure that your AC has made it through the winter unscathed by debris, moisture, rodents and anything else. Call Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling  today with any further questions you may have about keeping your air conditioner safe during the off season.

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Features to Look for in Geothermal Heat Pumps

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Geothermal heat pumps are a wonderful technology that is now being used more and more in both the residential and commercial HVAC industries.  Carney Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has a team of Lansdale geothermal technicians that can help you understand the various features to look for in geothermal heat pumps, as well as being able to aptly perform geothermal installation and repairs.

There are a number of geothermal features that make this type of heating and air conditioning system a wise choice if you want to save energy and money on your monthly utility bills. Geothermal heat pumps utilize the more stable temperature found in the ground or from a nearby water source in order to produce either heated or cooled air, depending on the time of year and the need; therefore, geothermal heat pumps provide year-round comfort in one system.

Geothermal systems can utilize one of three main types of heat pumps: a closed loop system, an open loop system, or a hybrid system. The hybrid option utilizes a dual-source heat pump, which combines the use of a traditional air-source heat pump with a geothermal heat-pump (ground-source heat pump).

While the initial cost of installing a geothermal heat pump system tends to be more expenesive than other HVAC systems, they are easy to maintain and are some of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home or business. Many on the market today have been awarded the ENERGY STAR label. With these models, there are often government incentives, such as federal tax breaks, for purchasing geothermal heat pump systems.

Additional geothermal features that are available include dual stage scroll compressors, chlorine-free and environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant, quiet water valves, high quality blower motors, suction line accumulators, and heat exchangers. It is also good to look for a geothermal heat pump that is covered by a good warranty.

Carney Plumbing, Heating and Cooling supplies quality geothermal services in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.  As fully licensed geothermal contractors we have the field-experience and proper education necessary to work with complete geothermal heat pump systems. Let us help you understand the features to look for in these systems so that you can determine which geothermal energy system is right for your specific needs. Call us any time!

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Central Air Conditioning FAQ’s

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Central air conditioning is a great convenience, but it can also generate a number of questions. If you’re experiencing any trouble with a central cooling system or are wondering what to look for in a system, keep reading. We’ve gather some information to keep you informed and confident about the purchase and use of your Perkasie central air system.

What is a Central Air Conditioner?

This is a basic one, but many people are unclear on what exactly makes up a central A/C. There is a central unit containing the compressor which cools the air. This air is then forced through a ductwork system that distributes the cooled air throughout the structure. Blowers push the air through, and they pass through grated vents located in the walls or ceilings of a building.

How Do I Decide What Central System is Right for Me?

The best way to ensure that you are buying a properly sized central air conditioner for your home is to have an HVAC technician come and evaluate your living space. It is just as inconvenient to wind up with an oversized unit as with an undersized one, as this will result in clammy air that was cooled too quickly to be properly dehumidified. Cooled air will be over produced and wasted, lowering efficiency. An HVAC technician’s help will take the guess work out of choosing your system.

Why Won’t My Central Air Conditioner Cool?

There are a number of problems you could be experiencing if your central air conditioner is no longer cooling or is not performing at the level it once did. Checking your air filters is a good place to start. If they are dirty they will not let cooled air pass through efficiently and will need to be replaced or cleaned. Your refrigerant level may also need to be adjusted, or your fan could be running while your compressor is inactive. Another possibility are leaky ducts. Again, the best way to ensure that everything is working properly with your central system is to have a qualified HVAC technician perform an inspection.

When you invest in a central air conditioning system you should plan on protecting that investment. Failure to do so will result in subpar performance and damage to the system. The best way to keep your Perkasie central air conditioner working like new is with regular maintenance. Call the professionals at Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling with any concerns you have with your home cooling system.

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What Professional AC Maintenance Includes

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Besides the cool air, what we like most about having air conditioning in Abington is that we don’t have to do anything to still live in a cool climate when it’s boiling outside.  With programmed thermostats adjusting the temperatures automatically, we don’t even have to turn it on.

Therefore, it is very inconvenient (not to mention uncomfortable) when our unit misbehaves and forces us to pay attention.  Our first inclination, suddenly over-heated,  may be to call for help, but often the expensive repair can be accomplished easily or avoided completely by checking the drain line that may be clogged.

When it gets more complicated, it is important to consult an Abington air conditioning professional.

Air Conditioning 101

Air conditioning is a process which involves the rapid evaporation and condensation of chemicals called refrigerants, compounds that have properties allowing them to change from liquid to gas and back again at low temperatures.

Simply stated: when the liquid evaporates and transforms into gas it absorbs heat.  Compressed tightly together again, the matter condenses back into liquid with a residue of unwanted moist heat that must be released to the outdoors.  Over the course of handling the air to cool it, air conditioners are able to filter dust and dehumidify the air as well.

Annual Service

Air conditioning units are designed to last for a decade or two of virtually trouble-free comfort, so long as they are maintained regularly.  A service contract with a reputable company ensures reliable maintenance and establishes a relationship so that if anything should go wrong, your call for help will be at the top of the list with a mechanic who likely knows the details of your particular unit.

You annual maintenance visit will include all of the following minimal tasks:

  • a check for the correct amount of refrigerant in the system;
  • a pressurized system test for any leaks using an actual leak detector tool;
  • a controlled evacuation and disposal of any excess refrigerant instead of an illegal toss in the dumpster;
  • a check for and seal of any duct leakage within the in central systems;
  • a measure of air flow through the evaporator coil;
  • a verification of the correct electric control sequence, making sure the heating and cooling systems cannot operate simultaneously;
  • an inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the electric terminals and applying a non-conductive coating if necessary;
  • a check of all belts for tightness and wear;
  • a check for oil in the motors;
  • a check for the accuracy of the thermostat.

To schedule your appointment today, give Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call!

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Things You Can Do to Make Your Heating and Cooling System More Effective

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Have you ever wondered why it is too hot or too cold in your Yardley home? You can always blame it on the thermostat or an open or closed window. Those are easy targets. But maybe the real culprit is your heating and cooling system, namely your furnace or air conditioner. Maybe these pieces of equipment have to work extra hard because of something as simple as a dirty filter that you should have cleaned or replaced.

Learning how to make your heating and cooling system more “effective” does not require a physics degree or an extensive knowledge of the refrigeration cycle. In most cases, it just takes common sense – and a little creativity.

For example, did you know that how your home is insulated can have a direct impact on how well your heating and cooling equipment functions? It sure can. If your walls, crawl spaces, or attic is poorly insulated or not insulated at all, your furnace and air conditioner will have to work harder to keep up – and keep you warm or cool. In some cases, your heating and cooling equipment might never be able to give you the desired temperature on your thermostat setting because the equipment has to work too hard to make up for lost heat or cooling due to poor insulation.

So what should you do? Find out if your home is properly insulated by having a load calculation or energy audit on your home. Any licensed and qualified Yardley heating and cooling contractor will be able to perform one of these tasks for you and show you where you might be losing too much of your indoor air to poor insulation. This same test can also detect any leakage through cracks in the foundation or joints or connections in ductwork. Windows and skylights are also an area of heat loss or gain. Installing awnings or trees can cut down on this loss or gain, too.

One way to make a heating and cooling system operate more effectively is to combine insulation and leak sealing. Here’s how that works. Uninsulated metal ductwork can make a heating and cooling system work harder, especially when it is located in poorly insulated areas like crawlspaces and attics. Warm air moving through a cold space slows the heating process and makes a furnace work harder to achieved desired temperature settings. Similarly, cool air passing through hot metal ductwork makes the air conditioner work harder. By wrapping insulation around the metal ductwork, you can stop heating or cooling your attic and crawlspace and send that conditioned air to the rooms that need it.

Of course, the most effective heating and cooling system is one that is serviced and properly maintained on a regular basis. If you have any questions on system maintenance, call Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling and schedule a tune-up today.

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Comparing High-Efficiency and Mid-Efficiency Furnaces

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Whenever you are in the market for a new furnace for your Perkasie home, there are many models to choose from.  Many of the furnaces manufactured within the last few years are high-efficiency furnaces with a high AFUE rating (AFUE measures the amount of fuel the furnace converts into heat). When people refer to a mid-efficiency furnace, they are usually talking about older furnaces.

Single-stage furnaces were considered to be an efficient heating system when they were manufactured, but compared to newer furnaces, they use up a lot more energy than they need to. Single-speed furnaces are designed to run at full capacity until the temperature inside the home reaches the thermostat setting. After they shut off, the home not only loses heat, but the furnace will also take longer and burn more fuel when it cycles on again.

Newer, two-speed and multispeed models run consistently at lower speeds, and the ones with variable-speed blowers are even more efficient because they can operate at various levels. These models will also automatically adjust to the thermostat to maintain a constant temperature, which saves energy by keeping the home at a consistent temperature so that there’s little heat loss.

When shopping for a new furnace, keep in mind that the AFUE ratings for multispeed and variable-speed furnaces only determine the efficiency of the actual furnace. If you are upgrading your old, mid-efficiency furnace to a high-efficiency furnace, you should make sure that your Perkasie home is properly insulated and sealed.  You could also consider upgrading any older doors and windows to more efficient double-paned ones, or you can also install storm doors and windows.

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