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Should I Call for Maintenance if My AC Is Having Problems?

When you’re having problems with your AC, you might have a hard time figuring out what service to ask for from an HVAC contractor. Many air conditioning service providers also offer air conditioning maintenance, but you may not be sure which service you need.

Problems with your air conditioning system require immediate repair. For any issues, an AC repair service is needed to assess the specific problem. Air conditioning maintenance, on the other hand, provides inspection, cleaning, and adjustment services that may prevent such problems in the future. The following guide details the differences between AC repair and maintenance, so you know what to ask for from an HVAC specialist.

AC Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is a service offered by many HVAC specialists to check whether your system is running smoothly and to recommend any additional services you may need. We recommend maintenance once a year to check your system for any deficiencies that may drive up your bills or cause issues in the future.

During AC maintenance, your system will be thoroughly inspected. You may not know if you have a loose or damaged part in your system, and it could be reducing your system’s energy efficiency. With a thorough inspection, these issues can be located, and the technician will recommend any additional parts or services you may need. The technician will also check refrigerant levels and perform any necessary adjustments. Furthermore, your AC system will receive cleaning wherever necessary. A technician will clear out any dust or debris that may be affecting the efficiency of your system.

AC Repair

If you’re having problems with your AC, contact a technician immediately for AC repair. If you are experiencing little or no cooling, uneven cooling, short cycling, loud noises, or a broken thermostat, you want a technician to repair the problem as soon as possible to get your system back to normal. It’s important to contact a technician for repairs at the first sign of a problem, because these issues could mean an eventual system breakdown.

Whether you need repairs for problems with your AC or would like to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Warminster, call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

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