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What Are Whole House Water Treatment Systems?

People today are often concerned with the quality of the water entering their homes through the municipal system. Poor water can affect both the health of a household and the health of its plumbing, and also result in poor-tasting and poor-smelling water. To combat this, households resort to using bottled waters and/or store-bought filtration pitchers, but bottled water is expensive and has negative impact on the environment from clogging landfills, and neither bottled water nor filtered pitchers address issues in the pipes and appliances. Water filtration devices placed on individual sinks (point-of-use filters) do a better job of filtering than pitchers, but they still do not address concerns about the plumbing.

The best way to have clean, safe water in your home is through installation of a whole-house water treatment system. These come in a variety of models and types to address different problems in a home’s water supply, so contact plumbing professionals like those at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling to find out which water treatment systems in King of Prussia, PA will provide you with the clean water you desire.

The basics of whole-house water treatment systems

A whole-house water treatment system sits on the incoming water line to your home so that all the water you use must pass through it first. How the treatment system works depends on its type and the contamination it is designed to counteract.

A common type of treatment system is the water softener, which adds sodium ions into the water to replace magnesium and calcium ions. Eliminating the minerals that can lead to scale build-up inside pipes is important for maintaining healthy plumbing.

Standard filters are used to remove particles suspended in the water, typically with charcoal filters and anti-chlorine treatments. Reverse osmosis systems are a special type of filter that can more finely strain out particles by creating different areas of pressure inside the pipes to force the water through a semi-permeable membrane.

To destroy viruses and bacteria inside water, UV disinfecting systems are safe and effective: they bathe the incoming water with short-frequency radiation that kills dangerous microorganisms without leaving any chemical contamination in the water.

There are many other types of whole-house water treatment systems available—there’s one that is right for whatever troubles you are having with receiving quality water in your home. Once our plumbers know this information, they can select from among the many different water treatment systems in King of Prussia, PA to provide you with healthy water that will protect your family and your home.

To get started, call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling and arrange for water testing that will scientifically discover what problems are entering your water supply.

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