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What Is Video Pipe Inspection?

The technology of professional plumbing continues to advance each year, and the plumbers who handle your repairs today come equipped with high-tech equipment to perform their jobs. One of the innovations in plumbing devices that has improved the speed and accuracy of repairs is video pipe inspection equipment. We’ll explain in this post how this works and the benefits that video pipe inspection can bring you as a homeowner.

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The basics of video pipe inspection

The technological developments that permitted video pipe inspection in the first place are miniaturization and fiber optics. A miniaturized video camera and powerful LED light are fixed onto the end of a long and flexible fiber optic cable. This cable is then pushed down into a drain and sent deep into the plumbing. The video camera sends back a feed of the illuminated interior of the pipe to a monitor where a plumber can observe clearly conditions inside the plumbing.

Video pipe inspection has a number of uses that makes the job of the plumber easier and faster. It is indispensable for leak detection, allowing plumbers to pinpoint exactly where a leak is occurring so they can perform the least amount of excavation necessary to reach the leak. The video imagery also permits them to grasp the extent and type of the leak so they will know ahead of time how best to repair it.

Plumbers also find video pipe inspection invaluable for clogging and sewer issues. For extremely tough clogs, it takes a video camera to inspect the clog and find how best to approach clearing it. This takes away from guesswork and trial-by-error that could end up damaging the pipe. It also helps the plumbers know how best to take care of providing the pipe with a thorough cleansing. When sewer lines develop leaking or blockage that threatens a home’s entire wastewater system, strategically uses video inspection will locate what the trouble is (root infestations, aging pipe, etc.) so the plumbers will know the least invasive way to approach repairs.

Look for plumbers with the best equipment

Never rely on amateurs for plumbing repairs. You only want skilled technicians who come with the highest quality equipment and the knowledge to use it.

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