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Can a Ductless AC Really Provide Whole Home Cooling?

With so many choices for whole home air conditioning, it can be hard to know which system is the best fit for your home. You may also have concerns that systems like a ductless air conditioner may not have the power to fully cool your home as needed. This simply isn’t true. When you choose to install and use a ductless AC in your Lansdale, PA, home, you can rest assured that it can more than handle your cooling needs. Why? Let’s take a look.

The Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit for a ductless cooling system is very similar to that of a traditional split system unit. Why is this important? Because it means that, like a traditional split system AC, the outdoor unit for your ductless system will be sized according to your home’s cooling load, which ensures you’ll have the cooling you need.

The Indoor Blowers

To deliver the right amount of cool air to your living spaces, your ductless AC system uses individual indoor blowers. A single outdoor unit can support up to four blowers. The blowers are about three feet long and each operates separately, allowing you to have customized cooling throughout your home.


Calculating your home’s cooling load is the best way to ensure that you install a ductless system that is the right size for your home, and our experts are here to help you with this. Cooling load calculations take a number of factors into consideration, including your home’s insulation levels, the number and types of your windows and doors, and your home’s floor plan. Many people think the cooling load is solely based on square footage but this is not true, as your trained technician will demonstrate.

Interested in a ductless cooling system for your home in Lansdale, PA? Give the experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call today!

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