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PECO Rebates

As mild spring weather has quickly turned to summer heat, many homeowners in Bucks and Montgomery Counties have already decided to upgrade their older, less efficient central air conditioning systems with new Energy Star rated heating and air conditioning systems that reduce energy consumption and utility bills while providing years of trouble free relief and comfort inside your home.

Temperatures are rising in Bucks and Montgomery County!

Temperatures are rising in Bucks and Montgomery County!

The new PECO rebate program offers direct rebate checks to homeowners who replace their older, less efficient heating and air conditioning system with a modern and more energy efficient system.  Click here for more on heating system replacement or air conditioning system replacement,

In addition, these PECO rebates in Bucks County and Montgomery County (up to $700) CAN be combined with current manufacturer rebates (up to an additional $1,000) that are available through the end of June – as well as the Federal Tax Credit of up to $1,500 that expires at the end of 2010!

However, the PECO rebates for gas heating systems and the PECO rebates for air conditioning systems have limited funding.  In fact, the PECO heating rebates are currently expected to have exhausted funding by the middle of September.

Act now to take advantage of the PECO rebate program when you upgrade to an energy saving heating and air conditioning system.

As always, at Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we strive to provide a hassle-free experience – we’ll take care of all of the details and paperwork to make sure that you receive your PECO rebate as quickly as possible and without any need to fill out forms and paperwork.

Call Carney today at 215.822.9029 to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity!

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