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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner Before Summer Starts?

Winter is over, and the days are starting to heat up. That means that it’s time to make sure that your air conditioner is in the best possible shape for the coming summer months. For some of us, this will be the ideal time to replace our failing air conditioning system with a new one. How can you tell of you need a new air conditioning system, though? Read on to find out.

Declining Efficiency

The older an air conditioner gets, the more wear and tear it accumulates. This leads to a steady decline in the efficiency of the system, forcing it to stay on for longer and longer periods of time in order to affect the same temperature changes. The increased operation time translates to higher monthly bills. If your air conditioner seems to be costing more and more money to operate, you should consider installing a new one.

Frequent Repairs

An air conditioner shouldn’t need repairs more than once every few years. As it nears the end of its life, though, the accumulated wear and tear will cause parts of the system to start breaking down. If you need to have your air conditioner repaired multiple times in the span of a few months, it’s definitely time to get a new one.


Air conditioners are manufactured to last around 20 years, after which point they start to become more and more expensive to maintain. This is mainly due to problems like those listed above. It is almost always cheaper to replace an old air conditioning system than it is to keep it up and running. If your air conditioner is older than a couple of decades, it’s time to replace it.

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