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Air Conditioning Guide: Signs of an Overloaded Compressor

You may have heard mention of the “compressor” in your air conditioning, but what does it actually do? In simple terms, the compressor is the “engine” of your AC. It compresses the refrigerant that comes from the indoor evaporator coils before it travels to the condenser coils, making the refrigerant both hot and highly pressurized. This is an essential part of the cooling cycle.

If your compressor overloads, it can cause serious trouble for your system. In this post, we’ll run through a few of the signs that your compressor is working too hard and possibly heading for a burn out. For Lansdale, PA air conditioning service, trust Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for expert knowledge:

  • Noisy operation: You turn on your AC, and instead of the whir of soothing white noise you expect, you hear a strange buzzing or clanking sound. Although a number of components in your unit can cause unusual sounds if they aren’t working properly, these specific sounds often point to the compressor.
  • Increased electrical bills: You probably know what to expect on your energy bills during a season—so if you notice an unexplained uptick in what you’re paying for electricity during the month, it may mean that the compressor is draining too much power to do its job. The compressor requires the most energy of any part in your AC to run. Getting the compressor repaired can not only prevent failure, but also save you money.
  • Circuit breaks and blown fuses: A compressor that is working too hard can cause a power surge that may trip a circuit breaker. This will happen soon after the compressor starts operating, so if you experience trouble with circuit breaker or blown fuses not long after you switch on your AC, the compressor is the likely culprit.

It is a smart idea to call in an HVAC technician to deal with an overworked compressor. Trying do-it-yourself tactics can not only damage your AC, but pose the danger of electrical shock. A professional can safely perform the diagnosis and help determine if your compressor needs repairs or replacement. When you need this work done, call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling’s Lansdale air conditioning experts—we’ll give you the service satisfaction you need to keep you cool.

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