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Benefits of Forced Air Systems

Forced air systems are usually hooked up to both a heating element and an air conditioning element, both of which send their pre-treated air through a series of ventilation ducts located throughout a building.  Many times the heating and air conditioning devices are separate, such as a gas furnace for heating and a central air conditioning unit for cooling.  Other times they can be one and the same unit like with packaged air conditioners and heat pumps which does both jobs with one machine.  This makes for a great deal of variety in the choices of heating and air conditioning types that are available for use.

With use of a programmable or digital thermostat there is a high degree of control with a forced air system.  You can Set time-of-day and day-of-week settings to accommodate when the building is in use and when it is not.  There are also options for setting temperatures in certain sections of your home while other sections remain untouched.  All of this allows for lower utility bills, since only the rooms which are used frequently are heated or air conditioned.

Air conditioners and heaters utilized today have much higher energy efficiency ratings than those of years past; couple this with a well maintained, properly sealed, insulated and balanced duct system and the energy-savings increase even further.

Forced air systems cost anywhere from 40% to 60% less to install than comparable radiant systems.  They also offer special features such as filtration systems and ultra-violet germicidal lights, which can keep your indoor air clean and healthy.

Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is an air conditioning and heating company in Horsham that provides quality HVAC services to each client.  Let us assist you in determining which forced air system is right for your unique needs.

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