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What Constitutes an HVAC Emergency?

Our summers get hot and our winters get cold. That means it can be irresponsible and sometimes dangerous to go without proper air conditioning for long periods of time. That’s why we’re here to talk about HVAC emergencies and how many homeowners don’t even believe they exist.

The truth is that your home can get dangerously hot during the summer and unbearably cold during the winter. These are age-old problems that have plagued people in our area for generations, but now we really do have adequate technology to be able to make ourselves comfortable. HVAC in Fort Washington, PA doesn’t have to break the bank or include the latest and greatest model or brand name. It can just be getting your home to a temperature where you can live your life comfortably.

Keep reading as we explain just what constitutes an HVAC emergency, and why it’s always important to call a professional.

No Cooling Power

Let’s say it’s the middle of summer and your air conditioner suddenly breaks down. While sure, 20 years ago someone would have told you to just “get over it” and deal with the heat until you can get a new system, today we’re much more responsible and smarter than that. Many homeowners have health conditions that worsen with heat and humidity, and mental health can take a toll as well when you’re stuck inside during a heatwave. Not only is it unhealthy to deal with no cooling power, your comfort is also at risk.

While it might be news to you, we consider this an HVAC emergency and we want anyone to call us if their system suddenly breaks down.

AC Noises or Smells

It doesn’t just have to be an air conditioner breakdown that warrants an emergency HVAC professional performing repairs. Anything going wrong with your system can warrant an emergency call, since it likely either points to a problem with the air conditioner or your electrical system. If your AC starts making noises, starts running in short bursts, or starts to smell, then there’s something seriously wrong and you need a licensed professional to take a look at it.

Before you think that this type of problem can wait, remember what we said before. Breakdowns and AC problems can be detrimental to your health during a heatwave that hits suddenly this summer, and we’re always available for a call. It’s just not worth it to ignore the problem and wait for it to be fixed later.

Call Our Team

Not every HVAC company treats your concerns like the emergencies they are. Thankfully, when you call a team like ours, you get a response the same day, which means we take your concerns seriously, as we should. When we find ourselves in the middle of a heatwave during the summer, you’re going to want a technician to help you as soon as possible. Hopefully, this blog post was helpful in informing you as to what might count as an HVAC emergency, so that if you’re dealing with a broken-down system, you get it addressed quickly like it should be.

Call the team at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for AC experts who will give you a call back on the same day.

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