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What Does It Mean If Your Air Conditioner Makes These Noises?

There are sounds and then there are noises. When you hear your AC running, you want it to be a sound and not a noise. You may associate the gentle hum of the compressor and or the sound of air flowing through vents with summertime. But these sounds should ultimately seem more like background noise than something that makes you question if something is wrong with your AC unit. 

Unusual noises don’t come standard with your HVAC system, and you shouldn’t write them off as being OK to hear. If you suspect that you need air conditioning service in Doylestown, PA, our team is ready to help. We can help troubleshoot any unusual sounds and let you know their source.

Water Running

If you hear water running and rule out your sinks and showers, the sound may be coming from your AC. You may hear some water sounds when your unit removes humidity from the air and channels it outside. But even this shouldn’t sound like a tap is on and constantly running. If you hear running water in your AC, something may be wrong with the liquid refrigerant inside the unit.

Thunderous Noise or Booming

Anything loud or startling is a sign that something is wrong. If it sounds like thunder is coming from inside your AC unit, that’s a problem – and a big one. The compressor is the heart of your HVAC system, and loud sounds often originate in the compressor if it’s not working right. Ignoring these sounds can lead to your entire unit needing to be replaced because the damage can spread to other components. 

Clattering or Tapping

If your unit taps or clatters, something isn’t aligned properly. A part may be out of sync or off balance in a way that is causing it to knock against another component as your unit runs. Identifying the problem early means that you can address any damage before it gets substantially worse. 

Whistling and Hissing

There are many seals throughout your unit that keep different components secure for airflow. If there’s a hole in one of the seals, you may hear whistling or hissing. A leak in your refrigerant line can also make this sound if it occurs where the refrigerant is in gas form. Both are minor problems that can grow when left unaddressed. 

Shrill Squeals

High-pitched sounds can really make you cringe. When these noises come from your AC unit, it’s a sign that one of your belts or fans is wearing down. Replacing the part in question will eliminate the sound and improve the overall efficiency of your unit.

Persistent Clicking

Of all noises your AC unit can make, clicking is perhaps the worst. It usually indicates that something is wrong with the electrical work associated with your HVAC system, which can be very dangerous. For safety reasons you should turn your AC unit off immediately if you hear clicking. Then call a professional to get AC maintenance done right away.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling does what’s right for our customers. Contact us today for an AC repair or replacement.

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