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What is an Expansion Valve?

When discussing air conditioning systems, you may her the term “expansion valve” used from time to time. It plays a vital role in the process of cooling your air, but you may not be familiar with its particular function. In New Hope, PA, air conditioning systems are a serious concern, since Pennsylvania summers can be hard with all the heat and humidity. The more you understand about components like the expansion valve, the better your grasp on how air conditioning works.

At the heart of your air conditioning system is a closed loop system that circulates refrigerant. The expansion valve plays a key role in this loop. The refrigerant arrives at the value in a highly pressurized liquid state. The valve is connected to the system’s evaporator coils. When the refrigerant enters the coils, it evaporates, absorbing heat out of the nearby air in the process. A blower then pushes the cool air into the ductwork, where it travels throughout your home.

The valve regulates the amount of refrigerant that is let into the evaporator coils. As the liquid moves from a high pressure state to a low pressure state, it evaporates and absorbs the heat from the surrounding air. Only a precise amount of refrigerant will work properly, so the valve’s purpose is extremely important. And naturally, when the valve become clogged or damaged, it can wreak havoc with the AC unit’s ability to cool the air. If refrigerant can’t enter the coils, no cooling will take place. If it enters in the wrong proportions, it will cause problems with the pressure leading to too much or too little cooling, and possibly damage other components as well.

Repairing or replacing an expansion valve is the purveyance of trained professionals. They can ascertain the problem, effect a repair, or replace it with a new valve while ensuring that it fits in with the surrounding components the way it should. Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling can address problems air conditioning units in New Hope, PA and throughout eastern Pennsylvania. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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