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What to Do When Your AC Stops Working

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in homes with older or outdated air conditioning systems. Before you get stressed out or anxious about how much time you have before your home gets uncomfortable and you need to start analyzing your bank account, let’s walk through things. Air conditioners can break down, but depending on what you do at the moment and how you handle such an awful situation, you could see better results afterward.

The first step you should take is to call our team for support. We can provide you with exceptional and fast repairs for your air conditioning in Montgomery County that can get your system back up and running. Or, we can evaluate whether a full system repair is going to be the best choice in this situation.

Regardless of the situation you’re in, we implore you to keep reading so you have a better grasp on how to handle an AC breakdown!

Stay Cool and Comfortable

Your first priority when encountering an AC breakdown is to ensure that you remain cool and comfortable. This shouldn’t be a problem if temperatures are hot, but the further we get into the summer, the more likely it is that your home will start to be uncomfortable. Here are a few things you can do.

Run the Fans

Your fans are your first line of defense against hot temperatures when your air conditioner has broken down. Ceiling fans can do wonders for the temperature of a room, but box fans are a great alternative as well.

Get some Cold Treats

It’s time for some ice cream! Nothing settles the stomach and stops the sweat more than a cold treat like ice cream. Or, if you’re trying to stay healthy, try making your own iced tea recipe–or even add some cucumbers and lemon to a gallon container of water to keep in the fridge. This can add a ton of flavor and tastiness to your water!

Limit Exposure to Sunlight

Sunlight is going to be the primary source of heat in your home when your AC breaks down. Try drawing the curtains and limiting your exposure to sunlight to stay comfortable.

Evaluate the Condition of Your AC

Your air conditioner might not just benefit from a repair. In fact, repairs might be staving off the inevitable if you have an AC that’s aged past 10 years, or one that hasn’t been maintained at all during its lifespan. Our team of professionals can give you a thorough evaluation, but it’s important to remember that these systems do have a lifespan that can influence how they operate.

Take Notes and Communicate With a Professional

It’s important to remember that your preferred HVAC technician is going to be working with you rather than for you. They’ll only provide the repairs or replacements that you are okay with. This means you should take some notes and communicate clearly your priorities with your technician. Not sure if you’re ready to replace your old AC yet? Then tell our team and we’ll repair your existing system to keep you cool and comfortable.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling does what’s right for our customers. Call us today for an AC repair or replacement.

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