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Why is it Important to Keep Your AC Condenser Coils Clean?

Condenser coils perform an essential function of conditioning hot, moist air and replacing it with cool, dry air.  During this process the continual circulation of air causes airborne pollutants such as dirt, dust, grass, lint, moisture and other debris to land on the coils, building up until it gets clogged.  A clogged or dirty AC condenser coil is most definitely a problem.

The main problem with dirty coils is that it decreases how well the AC actually cools.  A clogged coil can mean deceased air flow through the coils, which in turn means your Doylestown air conditioning system will be less efficient.

Clean condenser coils can yield higher performance levels, cleaner indoor air, and a longer life expectancy of the unit, while also saving money in electricity costs. Performance levels of air conditioners with dirty coils drop by as much as 30%!

When air passes over a dirty condenser coil and is then pushed into indoor air after being cooled it only stands to reason that some of that dirt and debris gets taken indoors as well.  It can also cause moisture problems on the coils which could result in bacteria or mold spores growing, and might reduce indoor air quality in your home.

Dirty coils can also cause the AC to work at higher temperatures and higher pressure which means the lubricant cannot easily be broken down. This can make the unit freeze over, eventually causing compressor failure.

Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help clean your condenser coil during a regular AC maintenance checkup – give us a call today if you need AC service!

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