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Reasons to Install a Natural Gas Generator

Your home needs electricity to power the many appliances that help you to get through the day. Some of these electronics include those used solely for entertainment purposes, like the television or stereo, but others are vital parts of your daily life. You need electricity to power your home heating and air conditioning system, as well as the water heater in some cases. Electricity powers sump pumps that prevent flooding in some homes, and the lights that protect household members from injury. For those who work from home, electricity keeps their computers running as needed, and, for others, a lack of electricity would pose a health threat if family members who rely on medical equipment suddenly had to go without.

People in Quakertown are no strangers to power outages, which can happen at any time, not just in severe weather. Gas generator installation ensures a reliable fuel source to power all of the appliances, electrical equipment, and fixtures in your home. When the gas generator senses that there is no electrical current running through the home, it kicks in within seconds. Portable generators can only power select appliances, whereas a whole-home option can power everything at once.

Natural gas is a reliable source of fuel since most homes have access to a gas line. If you’ve been considering a whole-house generator, buying a model that runs on gas is generally a better option than one that runs on propane. Propane generators are best for those who cannot hook a generator up to the gas line. Natural gas is available even during a power outage and is actually a bit more cost effective than using electricity.

The cost of a power outage is too high to avoid generator installation for very long. In the event of a power outage, you can lose hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing spoiled groceries, staying in hotels or alternative accommodations, replacing burst pipes, repairing damage from flooding, and removing mold or mildew. Although the upfront cost is high, a generator pays for itself when you put this into perspective.

At Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we’ve been in the business for over 30 years, so we can make sure new gas generator installation in Quakertown is a success. Call us today!

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