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What The Geothermal Tax Credit Expiration Means for You

One of the things that has really propelled the growth of green technology over the decades has been government subsidies. For example, a very generous 30% tax credit has been in place for years for those who install systems like geothermal heat pumps. Unfortunately, parts of that tax credit are expiring at the end of this year. Geothermal systems are part of the provisions that are expiring. If you want to have a new geothermal system installed in your home, now is the time to do it.


Geothermal systems are heat pumps, which means they are able to act as both heating and air conditioning systems. The real difference between geothermal systems and other heat pumps, though, is that they don’t get their heat from the air outside. Instead, a geothermal system relies on a pipe loop buried fairly deep underground. This pipe loop is filled with water, which is cycled through the system during operation.

If the system is in cooling mode, it will transfer collected heat into the water before returning it to the pipe loop. If the system is in heating mode, though, it will gather thermal energy from the water and use it to heat the home. At the depth that these pipe loops are buried, the temperature remains at a near-constant 55 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of the weather outside. This gives geothermal systems a practically infinite store of thermal energy to heat with. So, make sure that you have one installed in your home within the next few weeks, or you’ll be missing out on a massive tax credit.

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