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Ductless Problems You Need to Watch for This Winter

Ductless systems are just as susceptible to issues as any other system, especially during the winter when the stress on them is greater. If you’re using a ductless mini split to keep warm this winter, you should be aware of the kinds of problems the system can run into and the warning signs they give off. The faster you can recognize symptoms of a problem with your ductless heater, the faster you can call for repairs and the more damage you can prevent. Let’s take a look at some of those symptoms now.

Stuck in Cooling Mode

One of the biggest advantages to using a ductless system is its ability to switch between heating and cooling modes. However, it is possible for your ductless system to get stuck in one mode or another. If your ductless mini split is stuck in cooling mode, it’s probably because you have a broken reversing valve. The reversing valve is the part responsible for changing the flow of refrigerant through the system. You’ll need to get it repaired before your ductless system can provide heat again.

Loss of Heat Output

If your ductless heater just isn’t providing enough heat, or seems to be losing output over time, it may be because you have a refrigerant leak in the system. Refrigerant is the lifeblood of any heat pump system. Without it, the system will slowly lose its ability to transport heat until it breaks down completely. If your ductless mini split is experiencing a loss of heat output, or you notice any liquid dripping from the system, you should call for repairs as soon as possible.

If your ductless heating system is in need of repair, call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We offer a full range of ductless mini split services throughout New Hope, PA.

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