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Replace a Centralized Furnace with a New Air Conditioning System

You may look at the title of this post and squint your eyes. “Huh? Why would I replace a furnace with something that does the exact opposite of a furnace? Besides, I already have an air conditioning system.”

However, what we’re proposing makes more sense than you may realize… if the air conditioning system you use to replace your furnace is a heat pump. A heat pump is, essentially, an air conditioner: it operates through the same action of cycling refrigerant from a compressor and through two sets of coils to move heat from one place to another. But there is this important difference: through a component called a reversing valve, a heat pump can change the direction it moves heat and work as a heating system as well. Instead of removing heat from inside of a home, it moves heat inside from the outside. You won’t need a furnace (or boiler) with a heat pump in your home.

When you’re looking for air conditioning system replacement in Doylestown, PA, come to Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling first. We will help you determine if a heat pump will work as your year-round comfort solution.

Why replacing a furnace with a heat pump is a good idea

We’ve already mentioned the main heat pump advantage: you have cooling as well as heating. This means you only need to install one system and it takes up less space than having an air conditioner and a furnace packaged together.

A heat pump, aside from delivering cooling at the level of the best air conditioners, provides more energy-efficient heating than a furnace. A furnace must burn fuel to generate heat, where a heat pump uses a modicum of electricity to run its mechanisms to move heat. Government studies have shown that a family of four will save, on average, 30% from their heating bills over a winter after the switch from furnace to heat pump.

Heat pumps are also safer. If you have concerns about a gas furnace overheating or leaking toxic carbon monoxide, you won’t have any worries with a heat pump. Heat pumps don’t even have hot exteriors that children might hurt themselves on.

Professional installation of heat pumps

So many home comfort systems receive improper installation, and this accounts for the majority of their repair needs. If you want to replace your furnace with a heat pump, only rely on trained professionals with a long history of air conditioning system replacement in Doylestown, PA. Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling has handled installations for over 30 years, and we can do the job for you fast and right the first time.

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