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3 Signs of an Inefficient Heater

Sometimes things should be simpler. Nine times out of ten, when you ask a homeowner how efficient their heating system is, they’ll just be glad it’s working at all. When temperatures are cold and snow is starting to settle here in Doylestown, we’re just thankful we’ve got heating systems keeping us warm and cozy. However, when your utility bill arrives every month, that attitude can quickly change.

Instead of anxiously anticipating the arrival of a bill that’s too high, let’s work to prepare ourselves for the outcome we want. The more efficient your heating system is, the lower your utility bills are going to be. That can first be achieved with routine maintenance every year, but it also includes calling us for heating repair in Doylestown, PA when it seems like something is wrong.

Are high utility bills cause for concern? Absolutely, and here’s why.

Inefficiency Can Be a Sign of a Broken Component

It can be easy to assume that there’s a difference between a broken heating system and an inefficient one. A broken heating system probably has trouble heating your home, but an inefficient heating system just costs more to run, right? Well, not necessarily. They can be one and the same.

Inefficiency is often a product of something being broken inside your heating unit. For instance, a blower motor could be on its last legs and struggling to push air into the rooms of your home. You’ll inevitably turn up your thermostat because your home doesn’t feel as warm as it is supposed to. In this case, your heater is still working but it’s not working efficiently, which is going to increase wear and tear on the system and eventually cause a breakdown.

If you’re noticing that your heating system runs inefficiently, your first step should be calling us for repairs. It’s likely that there’s a misaligned or broken component that needs to be fixed, and it might not cost much to fix in comparison to how much you’ll save on your monthly bills!

An Inefficient Heating System Is Working Incorrectly

We want our heating systems to last as long as possible. The lifespan, or longevity, of a heating system is directly related to how it operates throughout the time you have it. The more hiccups the system runs into, the more components that break or wear down, the less efficiently it will run.

Basically, if you’re noticing that your heating system, no matter if it’s a furnace or a heat pump, is working inefficiently, then it’s also working incorrectly.

Keep in mind that your heating system is designed specifically to run at peak efficiency. While it might run less efficiently over time, it’s not supposed to dramatically reduce in efficiency, even after ten years.

Don’t Forget to Change the Air Filter!

Want something tangible that you can do as a homeowner right now? Great! Changing your air filter is an effective way to alleviate many problems with an inefficient heating system. By removing the built-up contaminants from the filter, you maximize the airflow into the system and allow it to run as effectively as possible. This will reduce inefficiency.

However, if you change your air filter and still find the system runs poorly, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.

Contact Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for heating system repairs.

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