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5 Furnace Noises That Are Bad News

Sometimes, all our appliances make weird noises. Some of us immediately start to worry. But there are others that will just ignore it altogether. While there are some sounds that are completely normal, there are some noises you should especially look out for.

We’ll lay out 5 common furnace noises that are bad news. If you hear any of these, it’s a surefire sign that it’s time for a repair. The worst thing to do is to ignore a problem, and then have your heater breakdown during the cold winter.

My Furnace Is Buzzing

It’s normal to hear a dull humming sound when your heater is running. However, if there’s a loud buzzing noise coming from it, then it’s likely there’s an electrical problem. These are the most electrical issues behind loud buzzing or humming emanating from your furnace:

  • A malfunctioning transformer box
  • A faulty capacitor
  • The blower motor is getting old or needs lubrication
  • A broken inducer motor
  • Ductwork wasn’t done correctly

In any of these situations, you need to call a professional technician to come to fix the problem.

My Furnace Is Making Loud Booms

A loud boom usually means there’s something up with your burner assembly, the part of your furnace that sparks the gas and keeps the heat flowing out. If not maintained properly with regular cleanings, it can get filled with carbon deposits that make the assembly fire off later than normal. The loud boom comes from the gas build-up that happens when the burner doesn’t ignite in time.

To fix this, it’s best to call up an experienced tech to come to clean the burner assembly.

My Furnace Is Constantly Clicking

There could be a few culprits behind a clicking furnace. However, the most common cause is a problem with the motor capacitor in the unit. The capacitor is responsible for sending electricity to the motor to start and stop the heater. If something is wrong with the capacitor, then the unit might have trouble starting. 

We don’t advise going out to buy a new capacitor and trying to replace it yourself. Instead, rely on the help of specialists who can get the job done safely and correctly.

My Furnace is Grinding

Normally, grinding results from the bearings on the air handler motor wearing out. The air handler is what makes the air flow through the house. If you hear this noise, we suggest you reach out to us ASAP. If you wait too long to have it repaired, the motor could burn out and lead to more costs in the long run.

My Furnace is Rattling

Rattling could mean one of two things. First, it rattles before the air starts blowing, then it likely means that your heat exchanger is cracked. If it’s when the furnace is running, then there’s a chance that there’s some loose component that’s causing the noise. In either case, an expert will be able to out and repair the problem to get rid of the noise.

Is your furnace making one of these noises? Do you need general furnace repair in Doylestown, PA? Call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling to have your furnace repaired by friendly technicians!

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