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5 Heater Problems You Could Be Encountering

It’s heating season, which means that we’re unfortunately forced to deal with some heater problems all over again. While a few homeowners might be lucky knowing that their system has been well-maintained, many aren’t. Those strange noises, smells, and efficiency problems could be creeping up again causing you stress. We’re here to help.

We’re the experts on heater repair in Blue Bell, PA. We can help you narrow down the prospective problems you might be dealing with, and how they’ll affect your efficiency and your comfort. Don’t neglect these kinds of problems, as they can often compound and cause you more headaches down the line.

Choose the right team for the job and get your heating system working as effectively as possible. Why not get this nipped in the bud now before the cold temperatures settle in for the winter?

Don’t Call These “Normal”

We meet a lot of homeowners who think that strange noises in the middle of the night, high heating bills, and poor comfort are just “normal” aspects of their heating. We’ll hear things like: “Oh well, natural gas is expensive in Blue Bell, which is why we pay so much on our monthly heating bills.” This is absolutely not true, and it’s just going to cause your wallet to start hemorrhaging money. Things are supposed to be comfortable, affordable, and relatively quiet. Take a look below to find out why.

1. Low-Efficiency Output

Heating and energy bills should never just be looked at one at a time. They need to be looked at contextually with the rest of your year’s energy and heating bills. What is the overall trend of your fuel prices, system efficiency, and other heating aspects? If you notice a steady increase in your heating bills while you work harder and harder to keep things efficient and stop energy or heat waste, then there could be a repair need in your heating system.

2. Uncomfortable Temperatures

What does your thermostat say? How does it feel in your home? If either answer to those questions is unsatisfactory, then there could be something wrong with your heater. Call our team to have it dealt with quickly and affordably.

3. Smells

Both heat pumps and furnaces can start to smell funky. In heat pumps, this signifies a mold problem since there can be issues with humidity and moisture. However, in furnaces, this can signal a gas leak or a carbon monoxide problem. Both of these signal safety hazards that need to be addressed by a professional. Turn your heater off and call us as soon as possible.

4. Sounds

Is your heater clunking in the middle of the night? Or perhaps it’s making a squealing noise? Either way, if there’s a sound that’s coming from your heater that you notice as unusual, it means there’s something wrong. Don’t let this kind of problem compound into additional problems, get it addressed today.

5. Constant Problems

Frequent problems aren’t nice to encounter. Not only are they frustrating, they usually signal that there’s something seriously wrong with your system. Sure, you could pay for repairs over and over again, multiple times per year, or you could get this addressed with a long-term replacement.

Call the crew at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling to get your heating woes addressed.

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