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Have You Scheduled This Important Heating Service Yet? 

Keeping your home cool has been your priority for the past several months, but now it’s time to begin focusing on heating. Winter is around the corner and temperatures are already dropping. But is your heater ready for the challenging season ahead? It’s no secret that it gets cold in our area of the country – really cold!

And when we reach the coldest days of winter, you want to make sure that your heater is ready to keep your home warm without any hiccups. If you want to schedule maintenance for your heating in Buck County, give our team a call. We can help you ensure that your heater is in the best condition for the upcoming winter season and beyond.

Why is Heating Maintenance so Important?

You get regular oil changes on your car and don’t even question the service. You know that those oil changes are important in maintaining your vehicle for years to come. Your furnace is no different. While it’s not as simple as an oil change, annual maintenance keeps your furnace running great every winter season for years to come.

Heating maintenance offers a variety of benefits no matter what type of heater you have. Actual maintenance may vary from system to system, but the benefits are all the same and include: 

  • Lowering the chances of repair needs this winter season
  • Decreasing your monthly energy bills
  • Improving the overall efficiency of your heater 
  • Extending your heater’s lifespan so that it can last a long time 
  • Ensuring that your home is warmed evenly by your heater

When Should I Schedule Heating Maintenance?

Heating maintenance is crucial no matter the age of your heater. When you invest in heater maintenance for newer units, you ensure that they stay in peak condition across the entire lifespan. When you invest in heating maintenance for an older unit, you stay ahead of potentially catastrophic problems. In both cases, you can add years to the life of your unit so that you can put off a full replacement for as long as possible. 

Of course, there are times during a heating maintenance service call when repairs are more costly than a complete replacement would be. If your heater is significantly older, the cost of an entirely new unit may be better than an expensive repair. A new heater will be much more energy efficient and can actually pay for itself over time in energy savings. If you’re faced with a potential heating replacement, our team can help you weigh the pros and cons of repair vs. replacement and even review your different heater options. 

Ideally, you want to schedule maintenance annually and use the same team every time. When a single heater repair team services your unit year after year, it gives us a chance to see patterns in wear or repairs. We can better predict how long your heater will last and pay attention to your unique needs. The best time to schedule heater maintenance is in the fall right before the heating season begins. 

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