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How Is Your Furnace Working?

We often talk on this blog about the intricacies of heating technology. We’re professional HVAC technicians after all, it can be easy for our heads to get stuck in the wires of the machines we work on. Today we’d like to change that by focusing on you, the customer, a bit more.

When heating season is well underway, the problem with your furnace in Doylestown, PA might not be about how it’s breaking down, but in how it’s not heating your home to your standards. How would you describe the heating in your house? How do you feel when it’s on? How much money do you think you pay for your heating bills compared to your neighbors or what you used to pay?

Let’s focus on how your heating feels this week, and hopefully, we can pinpoint an area where we can help.

Pay Attention to the Little Things

It’s not always about the big picture in the HVAC world. Too many homeowners focus on whether their heater works or it doesn’t, and that’s about the extent they’d like to focus on them. While we understand this mentality, it’s not going to get you improved comfort, lower heating bills, or any of the other benefits that come with paying close attention. Ask yourself some of the following questions and see if we can help.

Why Isn’t My Home Warm Enough?

If you find yourself thinking or saying this often, then you might be on to something. There could be a problem with your heater that’s causing it to work inefficiently or to produce less heat than it used to. Call our team to help diagnose the source of the problem. Once we know why your system isn’t producing as much heat as you’d like, we can get to work repairing it, or in the case of an aging system, replacing it with one that works well.

Why Am I Paying Too Much for Heating?

Here’s an interesting conundrum. You’ve paid all this money for a heating system, ductwork, and presumably other technology that’s built to help your home stay warm efficiently. However, you’re finding yourself paying more money for heat now than you probably thought you would. What gives?

Unfortunately, inefficiency can come in many shapes and sizes. Perhaps you need a new thermostat, a new heating system, or maybe your system hasn’t been maintained like it should’ve been. Either way, our team can absolutely help.

Why Is My Heater … Wonky?

Is your heater making a funky noise? Is it heating certain areas of your home fine but others are cold to the touch? Your heater should work to your standards, and if it’s quirky or wonky in some regard, then that’s a sign something is wrong. Call us to get to the bottom of it.

It’s Okay … But There’s Something Else…

The warmth of your home isn’t the only thing to focus on. If your air is stuffy, or you’re constantly getting sick from germs that are in your home, you could need something else. Our team provides indoor air quality service for homes that might need extra love.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling has your back. Contact us today, we can help!

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