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Never Leave Furnace Repairs as Fall “To-Dos”!

Furnace-standardThe end of winter is coming—yes, we all wish it would arrive a bit quicker, but once we enter March we are definitely on the, uhm, march toward warmer weather. This is a time when you’ll start thinking about preparing your home for spring and if your AC is ready for the heat of summer afterward.

However, please don’t leave your furnace alone during the last cold stretch of the season. If you have seen any signs from your furnace that it isn’t working right, call for heating repair in Doylestown, PA from our technicians. It’s never a wise idea to delay having furnace malfunctions professionally fixed. If you choose to leave it for your fall “to-do” list because the furnace is soon going to shut off, it can lead to trouble.

What Kind of Signs Do You Mean?

Your furnace can still work at providing you with warmth while malfunctioning. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to call technicians.

  • Strange noises (grinding, shrieking, clicking, hissing, rattling, booming)
  • Acrid odors from the vents
  • Furnace starting and stopping too often
  • Uneven heating in the house
  • High heating bills during the last month

Why Can’t These Repairs Be Left Until Fall?

There are a few big reasons to always stay current with furnace repair, regardless of when it happens…

  • Safety concerns: Furnaces aren’t inherently dangerous—unless they’re allowed to decline due to malfunctions or lack of maintenance. This is especially true for natural gas furnaces, which can release toxic gases or cause combustion hazards. But electric furnaces can also create dangers.
  • There’s still cold weather left: Spring is fickle in Pennsylvania. We can still experience serious cold in April and May. You don’t know when you’ll need your furnace next, and if it has a malfunction, there is a much higher chance the furnace will break down when you need it. Not only is this an uncomfortable situation, but it also means a more expensive repair.
  • It wastes money: When a furnace needs repairs, it will drain more power than normal as it operates. You’ll end up paying higher utility bills through the end of the season.
  • The issue may worsen over summer: Allowing a furnace to go into its summer hibernation with a lingering problem can cause the problem to worsen because of the increase of dust and dirt.
  • It’s more convenient: Spring is an excellent time to have repair work done on a heater because the weather is starting to warm up and you’ll have an easier time scheduling repair work when you don’t need to rely on the furnace. (And HVAC contractors have more open schedules with fewer emergencies filling up their calendar.)

Getting Furnace Repairs Isn’t Difficult

We guarantee same-day service for any heating repair work you need, so it’s simple to have those pesky furnace troubles taken care of quickly. We have a well-trained and respectful staff, and every one of them is dedicated to delivering the highest quality work. We will look out for your health and safety.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is always at your service! Reach out to us for those last-minute furnace repairs.

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