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Should I Replace My Heater This Fall?

gas-burnerThe very last thing you want to happen this winter is to have your heating system break down on you. Nobody relishes the thought of going without heat during a cold winter season, after all. So, if your heating system is unable to get you through the coming winter for whatever reason, now might be a good time to install a new system. If you’re not sure whether or not you should replace your heating system this season, have a look at a few of the signs that you should at least consider it.

Unusually High Heating Bills

If your heater starts to cost you more to operate from month to month than it should, then you should call a professional to have a look at it. As a heater wears down over time, it will eventually start to experience dropping efficiency as it nears the end of its life. The system will have to operate for longer periods of time in order to compensate for its dropping efficiency, which will drive up your monthly heating costs. If that is the cause of your higher monthly heating bills, there is only one thing to do: replace the system.

Constant Breakdowns

You can expect to have to repair your heater once or twice throughout its years of service. You shouldn’t need to repair the system multiple times a year, though. A heater that needs to be repaired that often almost certainly in need of replacement. This tends to happen when parts become so old and worn out that they begin to fail in rapid succession. If you have to repair your heating system that often, it will be much more cost-effective for you in the long run to just replace the entire system. If you think about it, you’re just replacing your current system one part at a time anyway. Better to install an entirely new system and ensure that you have a winter free of an ever-lengthening list of heating problems.

Old Age

How long a heater lasts will vary, depending on the type of system and the individual circumstances in the home that uses it. Assuming that you take perfect care of your heater (prompt repairs, regular maintenance, etc.) you can expect your heater to last anywhere from 10-15 years before beginning its downward slide towards permanent breakdown. A boiler might last a little bit longer than other systems, but it’s not something you should count on lasting longer than 20 years.

Once a system gets older than 15, it will start to lose cost-efficiency in a number of ways. Repairs will become more severe, and more frequent. Heating output will drop. Eventually, the system will break down entirely. If your heating system is older than 15 years, you should consult with a professional about replacing it.

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