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Signs You’re in Need of Heater Repair

It gets really cold in Michigan during the winter season. You bundle up to go outside and travel to and from work or on errands, but when you’re at home you want to be comfortably warm – no matter how cold it is outside! That means that your heater has to be in great condition so there are no hiccups in heating your home this winter. 

You can stay ahead of heater problems by taking care of repair needs early in the season before your heater starts running around the clock. If you need Grand Rapids heater repair, our team can help. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn more about the signs you’re in need of heater repair so you know what to watch and listen for. 

Unusual Heater Sounds

Sure, your heater makes sounds when it runs. No appliance is perfectly silent. But those heater sounds shouldn’t be alarming or particularly loud. You should be concerned if you hear anything more than the air blowing through the system or the motor clicking on or off. It’s important for you to pay attention to the sounds that are normal so you know when your heater makes a sound that isn’t normal. 

If you hear knocking, rattling, or screeching, something is definitely wrong with your heater. It may be a small problem now, but letting the sound go and ignoring it will only lead to greater problems. It’s important to address heater concerns before they worsen. Fixing a repair in the early stages of damage is much cheaper than fixing something once your heater stops working completely. 

Heater Short-Cycling

Your heater runs in cycles. It heats your home to a desirable temperature and then shuts back off again until the temperature goes down enough that the heater needs to turn back on. This happens in regular cycles two to three times per hour. When your heater short cycles, it turns on and off again repeatedly without ever sufficiently heating your home. 

Dust on Surfaces

You may dust your home occasionally by wiping down surfaces to remove the small particles that settle on them. But if you’re having to wipe down surfaces too frequently, something may be wrong with your heater. No matter what type of heating system you have in your home, it has an air filter that traps and removes dust and other particles from the air. 

While the air filter doesn’t capture all dust and dirt, it does capture a lot. Seeing more dust in your home can mean that there are holes in your ductwork or other areas of your system allowing dust into the air blowing through your home. In addition to dusty surfaces, this can also lead to illness and allergy symptoms for you and your family. 

Not Feeling Warm

Do you find yourself turning the temperature on your thermostat up and up? If your home never feels warm enough, your heater may not be working properly. It’s easy to write off heating problems because it’s cold outside and you think that your heater can only do so much. This is true to a degree, but your heater may be declining.

If you don’t feel warm no matter what your heater settings are, check your energy bill. If usage and cost are increasing, but your home isn’t warm, then something is wrong with your heater. While your heater does lose some efficiency over time, it should still heat your home consistently year after year. 

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