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I Haven’t Gotten a New Heater in a Long Time—What Do I Need to Know?

furnace-oldYou’ve finally reached that point—after years of service, your home’s heating system needs to be retired and replaced. Or maybe you have a new home that doesn’t yet have a heating system. Either way, you’re in a position you haven’t been in for many years: purchasing a central heating system. Although not as extreme as the first time buying a house, some of the same stresses come with it: “I haven’t had to get one of these in a long time—what do I need to know?”

The good news is you can find great help through this whole process if you work with a licensed HVAC contractor in Blue Bell, PA. We have a few things for you to think about as you start on this journey.

ONE: You must leave the actual installation to professionals

We want to get this out of the way first—you shouldn’t attempt to put in a new heater as either a DIY job or something to delegate to an amateur. Only licensed professionals can install heating systems accurately, and most important, safely.

TWO: Heater efficiencies have risen significantly

If you’ve had your current heater for more than 10 or 15 years, you may be surprised to discover how much more energy-efficient current heaters are. The technology behind all types of heaters has allowed them to operate at lower costs than before. Gas furnaces can now have AFUE ratings higher than 90%, which may be a 20% increase over your current furnace. Special high-efficiency heaters cost more, but the savings may make it worth it in the long-run. Work with your installer to find out the best efficiency for your needs and budget.

THREE: Sizing a new heater is tricky

You need a new heating system that’s powerful enough to heat your home, but not too overpowering that it becomes a massive energy waster. (The highest efficiency heater ever made won’t mean much if it’s the wrong size!) To ensure the new heater is properly sized, have an HVAC professional perform a heat load calculation for your house. This determines the heat tonnage a new system must put out to provide comfort. The professional can determine the exact size of the system necessary based on this information.

FOUR: Consider a conversion to natural gas

This is for homes that have used oil-powered heating systems for many years. Natural gas-powered heaters are much more energy-efficient and convenient. You can use the natural gas for many other systems in your home. Not all homes can be converted to gas, but for those that can, we strongly recommend asking about this service. You may even qualify for rebates from your local utility company.

At Carney, we have NATE-certified technicians who know how to guide you to the right type of new heating system. They’ll then do the work to have it installed so it will operate for many years to come. We are also qualified to do oil-to-gas conversions.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is Always at Your Service! Schedule an appointment with us today for great new heater installation.

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