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Winter Storm Tips: Snow and your HVAC System

During periods of heavy snowfall, snow accumulation can block the fresh air intake and/or exhaust systems for some gas furnaces and water heaters, including tankless water heaters.  The pictures below show common configurations of PVC exhaust piping for such equipment.  It is imperative that these pipes do not become blocked by snow.

 Heating System Exhaust Vent Heating System VentHeater Vent


The picture below shows a vent termination that is also found on many furnaces, including Trane systems installed by our company.  If your home has this type of termination, it needs to remain clear from obstruction caused by snow accumulation.

Heat Pump Vent Cover


The picture below shows a heat pump that has become covered in excessive snow.  Keeping your heat pump clear of excessive snow like this will help maintain its capacity to heat your home as well as help prevent damage to your heat pump.  This applies to heat pumps only, if you have an air conditioner, the snow surrounding it will not cause it any harm since it is not in use.

AC Covered in Snow


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