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3 Types of Well Pumps to Consider

Not every home can have access to a municipal water system, and these residences will need to access water wells for their plumbing. If your home uses a well for fresh water, one of the essential components of your plumbing is the well pump, an electromechanical appliance to move the water out from the well and into your home. Well pumps need maintenance and occasional repairs like any other hardworking device, and if you need to have a replacement well pump, schedule the work as soon as possible so you don’t get trapped one day with no water in your home at all!

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling provides Doylestown, PA with well pump services, including installation and repairs.

If you need a new well pump, whether as a replacement or for a new home, call our specialists at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling right away and schedule an appointment.

Here are the 3 different types of well pumps to consider:

1. Submersible pumps

As the name implies, these pumps sit down within the well itself. A submersible well pump resembles a long metal cylinder. It draws water from the well through the bottom of the unit using a motor and up through a flow sleeve. The water goes through a grill into a discharge pipe, which pushes the water straight up and out of the pump to a pit-less adaptor, a connector that redirects the water to the horizontal water line that then enters your home. Submersible pumps work best for wells that are several hundred feet, and they can often work for more than 25 years without requiring repairs.

2. Jet pumps (single drop)

Unlike submersible pumps, jet pumps are housed above the well and out of the water, sometimes within your home or in a well house, which makes them easier to service than submersible pumps. Jet pumps use an impeller motor to create suction through a pipe that extends down into the well, and the water passes through a narrow opening, or jet. The constriction of the jet increases the speed of the water and sucks even more water from the well. The “single drop” jet pump, which contains the impeller and jet assembly above ground, is effective for shallow wells (down to 25 feet) since the water does not have a long distance to travel to reach the storage tank.

3. Jet pumps (double drop)

Jet pumps can also work for deeper wells, but the set-up is different. In a “double drop” jet pump, the jet assembly is located down within the well, while the impeller motor is still located above. With the jet down in the well, the pump can draw additional water to assist with the overcoming the distance.

What is the right type of pump for your home’s well? It depends on the depth and location of the well, and how efficiently each type of pump will work. Contact professionals, like those at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling, to help you pick and install the right well pump in Doylestown, PA for your home’s steady fresh water supply.

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