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The 4 Most Common Plumbing Problems to Look Out for

Don’t worry, we’re not going to waste your time by posting a list of things that can possibly go wrong with your plumbing. We’re sure you could probably list of plenty of them yourself. What we are going to do is talk about the more common problems and why it could be beneficial to have a professional plumber take a look at them. The truth of the matter is, many homes in our area have plumbing problems already occurring but many misinformed homeowners don’t actually know how serious they can become.

So we hope you take another look at your plumbing system when we mention the common issues that can develop with it. Instead of trying to deal with it all on your own, why not hire a professional for expert plumbing in Lansdale, PA? A plumber has all of the right tools, experience, and qualifications to keep your pipes in good condition.

#1 Low Water Pressure

We’d like to address this issue first, because more often than not many homeowners mistakenly believe that the low water pressure in their home is just normal. While sure, there are some homes that have lower water pressure than others because of the layout and location, many homes have low water pressure because there is a leak that has gone unnoticed. A main water line that’s got a steady leak of water will decrease your water pressure substantially, while leading to you paying higher prices for water bills and wasting water overall. Hire a professional plumber to address your water pressure and see if there’s something they can do.

#2 Running Toilet

We get calls for running toilets all the time, but they’re often more than what a homeowner might think. Running toilets can be caused by either minor issues like a leaky plug or broken float in the tank, or they’re a more serious concern like a leaking intake valve or a problem with your main water line. The issue is, you’re rarely going to be able to tell the difference unless you’ve either got a comprehensive knowledge of how your toilet works, or you call a professional to take a look. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and contact a professional plumber when you suspect your toilet is running.

#3 Clogged Drains

Contrary to the other problems we’ve mentioned, it’s usually fairly straightforward as to the cause of a drain clog. The clog, however, isn’t the issue that can become problematic—it’s the solution for such a problem that sometimes requires professional help. If you’re using a drain snake, a plunger, or various amounts of baking soda and vinegar, but your clog is stubbornly stuck, then contact a professional for a proper solution.

#4 No Hot Water

This can be especially serious in the winter when hot water is vital to your daily life. While it could be something simple like an electrical failure with your water heater, there could be a sediment build-up or something much worse that is causing your water heater to shut down. Don’t wait, call a plumber today.

Do you recognize any of these issues? If so, then contact our team today at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for an affordable and effective solution.

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