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Am I Responsible for the Sewer Line from My House?

The wastewater collected from around your home’s drainpipes ends up entering a lateral sewer line (also called the sanitary sewer line) that tunnels beneath your property toward the municipal line that runs down the center of the street. People often assume that anything that connects to a city sewer line—or indeed, anything having to do with a sewer system—must be the responsibility of the utility company and not the homeowner. Is that the case with the sanitary sewer line?

This is an important issue to understand, because damage to a house’s sewer line can turn catastrophic if it isn’t remedied quickly and correctly. The work involved requires extensive digging, and only people experienced with sewer repair in Hatfield, PA should take on this job. Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling handles sewer line repairs and replacements when the responsibility lies with the homeowner…

…which it almost always does.

According to Hatfield Township, the sanitary sewer line that runs from a home to the public sewer system is the responsibility of the homeowner up to the point where it joins the sewer main, after which it is the responsibility of the Hatfield Township Sewer Division, which maintains the 100 miles of sanitary sewers and 7 pumping stations. When you have problems that emanate from breaks, or blockages in the sanitary sewer line, you must call up a plumbing repair contractor to handle the work.

You need to do this as soon as you notice problems: sewer smells coming from your drains, clogging/slow drains throughout the house, low toilet bowl levels, soggy front lawn, noxious odors from the grass, or wet spots around basement drains. Blockage or breaks in the sewer line can lead to enormous problems in your house. Not only will all your drains block up, but sewage leakage can start in the basement or foundations, leading to major damage to your home.

You cannot take care of sewer line repairs on your own: it takes precision excavation and labor-intensive work. Save yourself back-breaking and most likely ineffectual repairs and call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We specialize in sewer and water line installation, and we can restore your plumbing in Hatfield, PA with sewer repair as soon as possible.

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