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The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

When you’re dealing with a broken rib, do you stick your hands down your throat and start fiddling around with your bones? Do you head directly into surgery without knowing which bone is broken? Absolutely not! That’s why we have X-Ray machines, so you can see precisely what’s going on inside your body without having to do something invasive.

Plumbers in North Wales, PA should treat your pipes with the same amount of care as a doctor treats you. Anything that’s invasive can likely lead to the destruction of your lawn or property, while also costing you a fortune in labor, parts, and equipment.

Introducing the plumber’s version of the X-Ray Machine! Video pipe inspection is all the rage these days for good reason. It’s a way to check the exact condition of your plumbing system without the invasive procedure of opening your pipes up or digging up your lawn.

The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

Your pipes would really appreciate it if you find out what’s wrong with them before you start messing around with the plumbing. Inspection via video camera is simple, inexpensive, and incredibly fast compared to other pipe inspection methods. So save money and time with video pipe inspection.

  • Prevention. Prevention is the best cure for any plumbing related issue. If you can see a minor problem before it becomes major, you can make the appropriate actions to curb your home away from disaster. Video pipe inspection lets you observe your pipes before anything has gone catastrophically wrong, allowing a plumber to plug pinhole leaks and deal with any fledgling problems that are just starting out.
  • No Guesswork. How is a plumber supposed to know what the inside of your pipe looks like when they’re fixing a leak or clog? Well, before video pipe inspection existed, that was impossible. How big is the clog? Where exactly is the pinhole leak if it can’t be seen from the outside? These questions were an enigma decades before. Now, there’s a new level of precision when it comes to fixing pipes that takes the guesswork completely out of the equation.
  • Peace of Mind. If you were ever unsure of how stable your plumbing system is, now you’ve have a way to achieve complete peace of mind. See what your plumbing looks like with your own two eyes, so you know next time your bathroom is used that you’re in good hands.

Not every plumber offers video pipe inspection. This is important because we just spent a good while describing to you how important these inspections can be. The amount of money you save could be worth the cost of finding a plumber that does offer video pipe inspection. Thankfully, our experienced team offers video pipe inspection for any and all plumbing systems we work on. Generally, it’s a better idea to sign up with a plumbing contractor who can tell what’s going on inside your pipe before ripping into it.

If you’re looking for thorough and affordable video pipe inspection, give Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling a call today!

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