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Damaged Water Line? A Few Warning Signs


Without a functioning water line to your home, life comes to a standstill. This underground pipe is a literal lifeline connecting your home to the municipal freshwater system.

What could go wrong with this line? You may be thinking that this line is indestructible and doesn’t age. Of course, as soon as you have thoughts like that, you’ll realize how silly they are. Any pipeline can sustain damage, and any pipe material will age. The bigger question is, “How can I tell I’ve got a water line that’s in trouble?” You don’t want to find out about a damaged water line only at the point when you lose all the water to your house!

Signs You’ve Got a Water Line in Trouble

Here are some of the smaller, earlier indications that you may need professional plumbing in Doylestown, PA to examine and repair the water line to your house:

  • Drop in water pressure: From time to time, you may notice a single faucet, shower head, or other fixture has lower water pressure than normal. Usually, this means silt caught in the aerator. But if you notice a drop in water pressure throughout the house, you may have a major plumbing situation. A leaking or blocked water line is one possibility, but call a professional plumber to make a proper diagnosis.
  • Discoloration in the water: People often associate water discoloration with corrosion inside the pipes or the water heater. If you notice discoloration that doesn’t seem rusty or metallic, it may be dirt and soil entering into leaks in the water pipeline.
  • Water on the property: When you see puddles of water on your lawn or gardens in places where they shouldn’t be, the culprit is likely a leaking water line below.
  • Cracked hardscape: The hardscape of your property includes concrete patio surfaces and stone walkways. If these are over a leaking water main, they may start to crack from the pressure of the water rising beneath them.
  • Water on the street: Water that escapes from the underground pipe often bubbles up through the street. If you see water emerging on the walks or the street right in front of your home, call for plumbing assistance right away. The water may not be appearing on your property, but the leak almost certainly is.

Something else to keep in mind: some of the indications above can also occur because of leaks from pipes within the house. This is why we never recommend you attempt to go “do-it-yourself” with potential plumbing problems. Not only do you lack the right tools and training to do a job like reach a buried leaking pipe, but you also don’t know how to tell the source of the problem in the first place.

Call Expert Plumbers With Expert Equipment

Carney has the licensed plumbers on staff to solve whatever plumbing woe you’ve got giving you a headache—or threatening to flood your lawn and cut off your water supply. We’ve served Bucks and Montgomery Counties for more than 40 years.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers same-day service and a satisfaction guarantee. Call us for help with your water line.

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