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How Does a Submersible Well Pump Compare to Other Options?

Many homeowners get their water from their municipality, as water flows from a water main and into the supply lines that lead to the home. But according to the EPA, about 15% of people in the United States rely on private water wells instead. A lot of these homeowners are proud of their wells, as they don’t have to pay for an extra utility and they can control the water quality, never worrying about any chemicals added to the water without the homeowner’s consent.

When you choose a new pump for your water well, you generally have two major options, a submersible pump or a jet pump. Let’s take a look at why about 60% of homeowners rely on a submersible pump to deliver water to the home and provide adequate water pressure.

Submersible and Jet Pumps: How They Work

The majority of well users in the United States have a submersible pump. With this type of unit, the pump and the motor are installed several feet below the well to ensure water is always available. The motor operates a set of impellers, which push water out of the well and into the pipes. A jet pump, however, is not submerged in the well, though the equipment is located nearby, usually in a basement. These instead use pressure to create a vacuum that brings well water to the surface.

Advantages to Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are the most common types used for residential wells today, likely because they offer a key advantage. Submersible pumps tend to need fewer repairs because there is a low risk of pump cavitation, which occurs when sudden pressure changes (caused by the jet pump which pulls water in instead of pushing it to the surface) create a void in the pipes. Submersible pumps are also popular because they use less electricity than jet pumps.

The type of pump installed for your well will depend on your climate, elevation, and the size of your well, so it may be the case that a jet pump is actually better for your home.

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