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How Plumbers Use Snakes for Drain Cleaning

The drain snake, also called a drain auger, is one of a plumber’s best friends. These devices, based on simple principles, are powerful at clearing out some of the toughest clogs that can afflict drains. The only tool more effective at eliminating heavy drainpipe clogs is the hydro-jetter, a more complex machine that blasts out high pressure water to clear away clogs.

If you cannot clear a drain clog on your own with a plunger, then you need to call up a professional plumber to address the problem with a drain snake. Don’t reach for liquid cleaners: they are acidic and can cause damage to the interior lining of your pipes. Let the experienced plumbers at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling take care of your drain cleaning in Doylestown, PA.

How the Drain Snake Works

Drain snakes come in two basic types: manual and powered. The only difference between the two is the power source; otherwise they use the same mechanics to remove clogs.

The drain snake is made up of a long coil of metal wires that attaches to a crank on one end. The wires are flexible and can easily “snake” down the curved pipes of drains. A plumber runs the end of the drain snake down into the clogged drainpipe until it contacts the plug. The plumber then turns the crank (either by hand or with the motor), and the coil of wires screws into the clog. The action is similar to a corkscrew going into the cork of a wine bottle. Once the coil is imbedded into the clog, the plumber can either pull it back up through the drain to remove it, or move the wires around to break up the clog so it will wash down the drain.

Some drain snakes have multiple attachments for different kind of clogs. A plumber can determine which type will work best, as well as deciding if the job requires a motorized auger rather than a manual auger.

Call For Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Manual drain snakes are available in some hardware stores as well as online. (Motorized models are also available, but are usually too expensive for consumer use.) However, we don’t advise that you attempt to use a drain snake without training because you can potentially damage the pipe interior. Let a skilled plumber do the job, and it will be over fast with no problems.

A drain snake is only part of effective drain cleaning in Doylestown, PA. For comprehensive cleaning of all the build-up in your drains, call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We offer complete drain cleaning services that will restore your plumbing to like-new condition.

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