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Look for These Warnings You Need Water Heater Repair

Running hot water isn’t something people are willing to negotiate. Like indoor plumbing and electricity, it’s an essential for daily life, keeping you clean and helping with cooking and washing. If your water heater begins to show signs that it requires professional attention, you need to act on the knowledge fast and call a technician for repairs. We’ll list some of the warnings you may receive that your water heater is failing.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is “The Plumber That Other Plumbers Recommend.” We’ve served Bucks and Montgomery Counties with excellent plumbing services since 1976. Give us a call when you notice any of these signs that indicate it’s time for water heater repair in New Hope, PA.

  • A drop in hot water levels: If you notice that you’re receiving less hot water during the day than you are accustomed to (such as the hot water stopping early during your morning shower), don’t shrug it off as a temporary issue that will fix itself. This is often a sign of a disruption in the power source for the heater, whether electric or gas, and a professional will need to look into the cause and find a way to fix it.
  • A heating bill increase: If your water heater is working ineffectively because of a malfunction, it will draw a larger amount of power to provide you with the same level of hot water. A sudden increase in your power bills that you can’t account for because of a problem with your HVAC system may stem from a broken heater.
  • Rust-colored water from the taps: Rusty water is a common sight if you turn on a faucet after it hasn’t been used for a few weeks. But if you spot this same reddish-brown coloration in your hot water during normal use, then rust has started to infiltrate the hot water tank. This needs to be investigated right away before the corrosion damages the tank enough that it needs replacement.
  • Leaks: If you notice water pools around the water heater’s tank, you definitely have a problem. Any leaking from a water heater is a serious concern that needs attention right away.

You can avoid a “cold water surprise” during a morning shower if you have repairs on your water heater done as soon as possible. With Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we always have actual people answering our phones 24-hours a day to send technicians when you need them. There’s no reason to delay your water heater repair in New Hope, PA!

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