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What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Water Line

water-lineWhether you get your water from the city in which you live, or from some other source, all water that flows into your home moves through the water line. If the water line is in poor condition, the rest of your plumbing system will suffer as well. Obviously, you don’t want your entire plumbing system to start malfunctioning. So, the thing to do is to make sure that your water line stays in good condition. Read on to find out more about how to maintain your water line.

Schedule Maintenance Consistently

Maintenance is a very important part of keeping your plumbing system from developing serious issues, especially your water line. Most of the problems that can afflict a water line don’t give off obvious symptoms when they start to develop. This is what makes them so dangerous. By the time you start to notice obvious signs that your water line is in trouble, it might cost you quite a bit more to repair whatever is wrong with the pipe. The best way to address these issues is to catch them early, before they develop far enough to start giving off symptoms.

Typically, you should have a professional plumber check out your water line every year or two. That might change slightly, depending on your individual circumstances. A water line maintenance appointment usually involves a camera inspection, which allows your plumber to pinpoint areas of the pipe that might be developing problems without actually digging up the entire line. If any issues are discovered, they can be dealt with as needed. Regular maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs, and extend the life of your water line by years. All you need to do is make sure you schedule it consistently.

Call for Repairs When Needed

It may not be the ideal situation, but you may find yourself having to deal with a problem with your water line between maintenance appointments. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the warning signs that indicate a problem with your water line. You may not be able to prevent all the damage to the line, but at the very least you can resolve the issue before it gets worse.

There are a number of different signs that your water line is in trouble. Be on the lookout for pools of water forming in your front or backyard. When a water line springs a leak, the water escaping from it tends to bubble up to the surface of the yard. You should also call for repairs if you notice that the water pressure throughout your home is dropping. That could mean that your water line is experiencing some sort of issue. Call your plumber if you have any reason to suspect an issue. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers comprehensive water line repair services in New Hope, PA. If you need water line services, contact us today for an appointment. We’ll make sure that your water line is kept in the best possible shape for many years to come.

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