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Mesh Screens? Yes Please!

Okay, this blog post might not be entirely about mesh screens, but they can play a huge role in keeping your plumbing system in good shape. If you’re on the prowl for a preventative solution that’s going to stop your pipes and drains from clogging up, then this might be the perfect thing for you.

As your local expert plumbers in Montgomery County, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to talk about some of the lesser-known ways you can help your plumbing system between visits with your plumber. If you’re constantly dealing with clogs or backed up sewers, then using something like a mesh screen can be a great solution that extends the longevity of your plumbing system and keeps you happy for a long time.

What exactly does a mesh screen do for your plumbing system? And what other solutions are out there? Now you’re asking the right questions!

What’s Wrong with Flushing Everything Down the Drain?

It’s easy to just flush everything down the drain, from ground coffee to bits and pieces of food waste that look like they fit. So, what’s the big problem with food waste that can fit down the drain?

Well, just because something initially fits down the drain doesn’t mean it will fit in the pipes below. The pipes could be a different consistency, temperatures, and size than the drain opening, which means the stuff that fits down the drain where you see it could get stuck along the way. This is one of the most obvious ways a drain clog forms. Most homeowners know about this, which is why they don’t just send everything down the drain and they try as hard as they can to throw out food waste.

However, sometimes things just slip through your fingers and get sent down your drain by accident. How do you stop that?

Mesh Screens Can Catch Most Things You Can’t

Mesh screens over your drains are a great way to stop the food waste that would normally escape your grasp and get sent down the drain accidentally. They catch everything and can be easily dumped out into the trash when you’re done washing dishes or cooking food. They’re essentially a tool that can keep the interior of your plumbing system in good shape while you live the rest of your life normally. You don’t even have to think about them while they do their job.

They Also Work in the Bathroom!

We’re not finished yet! Mesh screens can be incredibly helpful in the bathroom too, if your shower doesn’t have any cover over the drain. Hair and other debris can be terrible for your shower drain and will eventually clog it entirely if nothing is done to prevent this. By using a mesh screen in your shower drain, you can halt hair and other clogging materials in their tracks and keep your bathroom plumbing in good shape as well. It’s a preventative measure that helps drains of all shapes and sizes, as long as you keep using them. Just make sure you call our team for help if you still encounter more drain clogs.

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