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Reasons to Consider a Bathroom Remodel

Luxury-bathroomYou can look to a professional plumber in Ambler, PA to help with most types of bathroom plumbing needs: repairs, installing new fixtures, drain cleaning, etc. But not all plumbers provide full bathroom remodeling services to transform an old bathroom into a bright new space.

At Carney, we’re proud to offer complete bathroom remodeling. We’ll put in new sinks, tubs, showers, tiles, vanities, cabinets, and more. We can even add a bathroom to a space such as a basement. We combine our superb plumbing expertise with the best in modern bathroom design concepts.

But Why Remodel a Bathroom in the First Place?

The bathroom may not be the first room in a house you consider when you want remodeling upgrades. Kitchens often receive attention first. There are many good reasons to consider a bathroom remodel, and we’ve listed the most common reasons customers come to us to schedule this service:

1. Update an outdated space

If you live in a house more than two decades old, you may simply have a tired-looking bathroom that looks too out-of-date. Bathroom design trends have changed immensely, and if you’ve found your current bathroom just isn’t making you happy—the room that greets you first in the morning and last in the evening—a remodel can make an enormous difference.

2. Deal with mold and mildew

Does this sound like too drastic a measure for getting rid of mold and mildew problems? It’s actually a common solution for when both have gotten out of control and you spend too much time trying to get rid of them. A remodel makes the room look better, takes away the spots where mold keeps growing and makes it easier to clean the mold and mildew that do develop.

3. Improve safety

Older bathrooms probably lack grab bars, or they have floors and shower/tub surfaces that become too slippery. If people with mobility issues live in your home, remodeling that bathroom will make the space safer (and more convenient) for them.

4. Upgrade the plumbing

A home built pre-1980 probably has out-of-date piping material such as galvanized steel and cast iron. This material eventually decays and corrodes, leading to leaks and even toxins entering the freshwater. You can choose to have only a piping remodel, or you can make a larger remodel to be done around the new pipe installations.

5. Increase the value of your home

If you believe you’ll sell your home in the next few years, creating an attractive new bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the house’s marketing value. The impact of age on a home is most obvious in a bathroom—so if your bathroom looks new and fresh, it makes the entire house much more appealing to potential buyers.

6. Increase storage space

If your bathroom feels cluttered all the time, adding extra storage is an excellent idea. When you work with remodelers to specifically improve storage in the bathroom, you’ll end up with a beautiful new space that stays uncluttered.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is the Bucks and Montgomery Counties premier home services company. Talk to us today about bathroom remodeling plans.

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