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Should I Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning or Wait for a Backup?

This bit of advice about the plumbing in your home is used so frequently that it’s almost a cliché: “You should treat your plumbing no differently than you treat your car.” However, it’s the most apt comparison to convince people to schedule regular cleaning for their drains. You don’t want to risk your car breaking down in the middle of a lengthy drive, stranding you with a long wait for a tow truck, followed by a series of expensive repair bills. Likewise, you don’t want your plumbing to back up, preventing you from taking care of basic household tasks, until a plumber arrives to do possibly pricey repair work.

So take the question, “Should I schedule regular drain cleaning or wait for a backup?” and rephrase it for an automobile: “Should I schedule regular tune-ups on my car or wait for it to die in the middle of the street?” The answer should be clear.

The good news is scheduling drain cleaning is easy: you can call the experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We offer top-quality cleaning in Hatfield, PA, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

And we need to emphasize how important it is to get professional drain cleaners to do this work. You shouldn’t rely on a bottle of liquid “drain cleaner” to take care of the job. These products don’t so much clean your drains as they do violently scour them with acidic chemicals. They can harm your pipes, the environment, and you.

Professional drain cleaners use a variety of sophisticated tools to get your drainpipes into shape without harming them. Hydro-jetters, mechanical drain snakes, and video camera pipe inspection systems are basic parts of the toolkits of modern professional plumbers. A drain cleaning is more than just solving your current clogging and slow drain problems; expert plumbers will identify potential problem areas and repair them, as well as apply ecologically safe products to your water supply to keep clogs from forming.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling has more than three decades of experience in plumbing and HVAC. Over that time we have built up a dedicated client base who use our services annually to keep their plumbing in prime health. Turn to us when you decide to get your drain cleaning in Hatfield, PA, done before you run into a worst-case scenario. Take the same precautions about your plumbing as you do about your car: schedule regular inspection and cleaning.

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