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Stay Away From Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemicals sometimes feel like magic. We don’t really know how toothpaste cleans our teeth, or how refrigerant cools our homes, it just does. This can lead homeowners down a dangerous path where misconceptions arise and misinformation begins to flow. While a quick online search can give you most of the information you’re looking for, it can also make matters worse! Add some companies into the mix that are trying to sell you their brand-name chemicals, and it can be downright hard to know if chemicals are good or bad for your plumbing system.

Today, we’d like to talk specifically about chemical drain cleaners from the perspective of your local plumber in Lansdale, PA. They’re not good for your drains, your health, or your sanity, but homeowners still don’t really know why. We’re going to use some cold, hard facts and a bit of the scientific method to show you why chemical drain cleaners are an awful selection for clearing drain clogs.

What Are Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners are often some kind of acidic formula or basic formula used to erode the materials of your drain clog through a chemical reaction. When you use nail polish remover to clear nail polish or erode paint, it’s usually through the same process. Chemicals can interact in a way that turns solids into liquids and breaks things apart.

But there’s no rulebook that says your chemical drain cleaner can’t also interact with the lining of your pipe. Chemicals interact with everything they touch, and they can often start to erode the plumbing system itself.

Why They Don’t Work

For starters, chemical reactions are unreliable when taking place in a drainpipe. They might not have enough surface area to really get the job done, and they’ll end up lingering in the drain for hours or days.

Chemical drain cleaners also can cause leaks and corrosion to develop in your plumbing system through chemical reactions as well. The more harsh and powerful the chemical, the more likely you are to see plumbing problems.

Lastly, your clog might just be too solidified and strong for chemicals to do anything. Depending on how long it’s been forming and the materials it’s made out of, chemicals might not work from the getgo.

More Problems With Chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners are also terrible for the environment. They can leak out of your pipes onto your property, enter the water table of your well-water system, and even be consumed by local critters. Basically, these chemicals can do harm to the environment and your local ecosystem to a monstrous degree.

They can also cause rashes, pain, and irritation through their fumes and when they come in contact with your body. Our bodies are not designed to handle harsh chemicals without protection.

The Best Solution

Luckily, nobody is forcing you to use chemical drain cleaners. Instead, why not call our team for some hydro jetting? This involves a powerful water jet attached at the end of an auger. It sprays pressurized water into your drain to the point where no drain clogs can withstand it. It’s clean, powerful, and safe!

Contact Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for your very own drain cleaning services.

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