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Stinky Puddles in the Yard? It May Be Time for Sewer Line Replacement

Your home’s plumbing system is pretty large and pretty complicated, but there are two main lines that make the whole system work: the main water line, which brings in the potable water, and the sewer (or septic) line that removes all the waste water. When there’s an issue with either of these lines, your plumbing system will develop problems. However, it can be challenging to know when something has gone wrong with either of these lines because they are buried under your yard. So if you have a sewer line problem, how are you going to know about it? Here are some tips from our Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling experts.

Yard Puddling

Do you have multiple puddles in your yard, even though it hasn’t rained for at least a week? Are those puddles emitting an odor that smells like sewage? Then there’s a good chance something has gone wrong with your sewer line.

Bubbling Toilets

Toilets shouldn’t bubble ever, but if yours is bubbling when a nearby sink is put to use, this can be an indication of a sewer line issue. You may experience other problems with your toilet, such as problems with it flushing or backing up. All of these issues signal that it’s time to call for an expert.

All Drains in the Home Are Slow

It isn’t unusual for a single drain in your home to become slow, but if all the drains start backing up at once, it is likely there’s a problem with the sewer line. Should this happen, do not pour chemical drain cleaner down the drains; instead, call for a plumbing professional who can diagnose and repair the problem.

Sewer line replacement is a big job and requires the expertise of a trained and licensed plumbing professional. If you suspect you may have a sewer line problem in Ambler, PA, call us today and schedule an appointment.

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