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The Science Behind Video Camera Pipe Inspection

We absolutely love talking about video camera pipe inspection. It’s a safe, clean, easy, and reliable way to look at the state of your drains and get the solution you need, whether that’s hydro-jetting or the use of an industrial drain snake. The worst part about this process is that many homeowners don’t even know that we offer video camera pipe inspection!

So, today we’d like to talk to any homeowners, whether they’re prospective customers who just heard about pipe inspection, or they’re people who want to dive a little bit deeper, about the scientific advantage of such a drain inspection system. In order for such a great drain inspection system to exist, there needs to be some pretty precise handiwork done by a certified technician. Once you get a comprehensive video camera pipe inspection, then we can be there to help when you inevitably require drain cleaning in Doylestown, PA.

So, let’s get started!

Dimensions and Resolution

The first thing to understand about a high definition video camera pipe inspection process is that the dimensions and resolution must be appropriate enough to fit in your drain and give you the right amount of information to deduce what’s wrong with your drain.

  • Dimensions refer to the length and width of the rod where the video camera is mounted. A rod must be the right length in order to reach whatever is clogging or causing problems in your drain.
  • Resolution¬†refers to the definition of the video being presented. Most homeowners don’t know that these video cameras actually project an HD video feed that can make it incredibly easy to see what’s in your drain.

Benefits of Such a System

When you’re dealing with slow drains or a clog in your plumbing system, the first and most difficult problem that needs to be addressed is finding how deep the problem is and what material could be causing the problem. For instance, if you’re dealing with tree roots that have infiltrated your plumbing system, using a hydro jet or some other type of drain cleaning solution might not do much except cause even more problems.

The high definition camera feed will give you an exact picture of how your drain looks. In the event of a tree root problem, you’ll know precisely where the tree roots have infiltrated and your professional plumber can replace that section of pipe so that your plumbing is back to normal. In the event of a drain clog, however, you’ll be able to sign up with your plumber for a hydro jet procedure or an industrial drain snake to restore your plumbing.

Contact Our Team

When dealing with a drain issue, homeowners don’t necessarily think about the amount of science that goes into a drain inspection. Having an amateur just hook any old tiny camera up to a rod is never going to come close to the precision inspection that our professional team can provide when performing video camera pipe inspection. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The team at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is experienced and equipped enough to provide you with a thorough video pipe inspection. Contact us today!

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