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Water Heater Tip: Reduce Energy From Your Hot Water Heater

Are you looking to lower the energy use for the hot water heater in your Blue Bell, PA home? While your water heater may not be an obvious source of energy waste, there are small improvements you can make that will add up over time. Feel free to call the energy experts at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling if you have further questions about how to reduce the energy use of your water heater.

Meanwhile, we’ve put together a short list of things you can do to get started today!

Use Less Hot Water

Conserving water in your home is a green practice that the entire family can help with. Once you get into the habit of conserving water, it will be even easier to think about how much hot water you use. Even if you don’t have Energy Star appliances, you can use cold water instead of hot in many instances. For instance, try using cold water to wash clothes. Not only does this save energy by using less fuel to heat the tank in your water heater, but it will also help your clothes last longer. Take shorter showers, or lower the temperature in the shower while you are bathing.

If you own a tankless water heater, consider installing low flow faucets and plumbing fixtures. Tankless models are highly efficient water heaters, but they are even more efficient when used in tandem with low-flow fixtures. Repair dripping hot water faucets and other small leaks. These add up over time, and if you get them repaired as soon as you notice them, the less hot water will be wasted.

Lower the Water Heater Thermostat

While no one wants an ice cold shower, you also don’t need the shower to be scalding hot. Not only is this dangerous, especially for small children, but it is also a waste of energy. You could save up to 5% in water heating costs if you lower your water heater thermostat just ten degrees. Many manufacturers use the default setting of up to 140°F; however, you don’t need to set your water heater thermostat above 120°F to get an adequate temperature for all the hot water applications in the home. Call one of the Blue Bell plumbers at Carney if you aren’t sure where to locate the thermostat or have questions about the proper temperature settings.

Install a Water Heater “Jacket”

If you own a storage tank water heater, make sure that the tank is insulated for maximum energy savings. You can install a water heater “jacket” that fits your specific water heater tank. Call a plumber if you would like to know whether or not your water heater has enough insulation. One of our plumbers can also provide other tips to help you save water and energy.

Start saving water and lowering your energy costs today! Call the Blue Bell plumbers at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for more advice and tips.

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