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When to Call for Drain Cleaning Services

drain-with-chain-plugHow often do you think about the drains in your home? If we had to guess, it would be “not often.” Probably only when you’ve got a clogged drain or one so slow you find yourself standing ankle-deep in water in the shower.

You can sometimes take care clogged and slow drain with the help of a sink or toilet plunger. (The two are different, so make sure you use the right one.) A hand-cranked drain snake, aka drain auger, is another option. After that, you may be tempted to purchase a bottle of “drain cleaner” from the store. Please don’t—instead, call a plumber for drain cleaning in Bucks County, PA. You can rely on our plumbers to take care of drain cleaning.

When to Call Us for Drain Cleaning

There are two times when it’s best to call us for professional drain cleaning. The first we just mentioned: you’ve got an obstinate clog you can’t remove with basic methods. Chemical drain cleaners can potentially harm the drainpipes (and possibly you, as these chemicals are highly toxic) and don’t actually “clean” anything: they just eat a hole through an obstruction. Drain cleaning from pro plumbers not only clears out the blockage, it actually cleans, removing all the debris from the drainpipe walls. This makes it difficult for the clog to come back, something that often happens with non-professional drain cleaning attempts.

The second time to call for drain cleaning is … once every year. You see, drain cleaning isn’t only a plumbing repair resource. It’s also a preventive maintenance resource. Your home’s air conditioning and heating need annual maintenance (we ought to know, since we’re also an HVAC contractor) and so does your plumbing.

During routine drain cleaning, our plumbers use the best hydro-jetters and other tools on the drains around the house to restore them to “like-new” condition. This makes it unlikely you’ll deal with clogs during the rest of the year, since it prevents new build-up from starting.

Regular drain cleaning also keeps the plumbing healthy and extends its lifespan. Drains filled with build-up and debris can start to corrode; this is especially a problem with soap scum build-up, which creates a chemical reaction with the metal in the pipes.

Finally, during drain cleaning, a plumber will get a close look at the drainage system using video camera equipment. If there are places that need repairs—and these often are hard to see until they become bigger problems later—repairs can be scheduled and sometimes done on the spot.

Call Us Today for Drain Cleaning

When we do a drain cleaning job, we do it right. We only use the most advanced equipment and ecologically safe products. (Oh, did we mention chemical drain cleaners are terrible for the environment?) We’ll take care of special needs, such as septic system drains and roof drains.

If you haven’t scheduled drain cleaning this year yet (or ever), have it done before the big holiday feast season arrives. This is one of the roughest times of the year for your drains, and cleaning them will make life much easier.

Schedule the drain cleaning you need with just a call to us. Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling is always at your service!

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