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Signs Your Water Heater Needs a Repair Appointment

Water heaters are arguably one of the more important systems in your home. Having a supply of hot water ensures that you can take a shower whenever you want and wash dishes or clothes. But water heaters do experience problems from time to time.

You can keep reading to learn the early signs that can indicate something is wrong with your water heater and needs to be addressed ASAP. When you say ahead of water heater repairs in Hatfield, PA you can avoid having a complete water heater break down.

Water Leaks

It’s a good idea to inspect your water heater once each month for any red flags of repair needs. One thing you can monitor for is leaks. You may see water dripping out of a valve or pooling around the bottom of a water heater. Sometimes leaks are minor enough that you may just see the remnants of a water stain.

If you suspect that your water heater has a leak, it’s better to get it checked out sooner rather than later. Leaks can allow air to get inside your water heater, increasing the risk of corrosion and rust in the tank.

Beginnings of Rust

And speaking of rust, you should also be looking for it during your routine inspections. Sometimes rust can begin around valves and other connections leading into your water heater. If you replace these valves or connections promptly, you can prevent the rust from spreading inside the water heater itself. 

Rust is a problem in and of itself, but it can also be a sign that something else is wrong with your water heater. For example, there may be condensation leading to rust, or some kind of damage to your water heater. You may be tempted to ignore the presence of rust on the outside of your water heater, but rust can spread quickly if it is unaddressed.


If you turn on the hot water at any faucet and notice that it has an orange or reddish tinge to it, the inside of your tank may already be corroding. This happens largely due to the presence of hard water that is high in mineral content. 

These minerals can be very abrasive and wear down the inside lining so that rust can begin developing earlier in a water heater’s life. Unfortunately, if rust is inside the water tank itself then the entire unit needs to be replaced. There is not a way to reverse or repair rust.

Water Heater Age

Even without any problems, you should be scheduling service for your water heater once each year. As the unit gets older, the chances of needing service increase. Water heaters can last for anywhere from eight to 15 years with electric water heaters usually having a longer expected lifespan than a gas water heater. Even if you haven’t kept up with service across the entire life of your water heater, it’s never too late to begin. 

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling does what’s right for our customers. Schedule an appointment today for water heater service or give us a call anytime you have a plumbing emergency.

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