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Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting

If you have a tankless water heater, it’s a good idea to be aware of the potential problems you could face. Then you can troubleshoot on your own and know when it’s time to call our team in for service. It’s the best way to stay ahead of a tankless water heater breakdown. 

If our troubleshooting tips below don’t work, you can always give our team a call to schedule water heater service in Bucks County. You can keep reading to learn some of the ways that you can try and fix tankless water heater issues yourself before calling for a professional service appointment.

Check Valves and Power Source

If it doesn’t seem like your tankless water heater is working the way it should, you need to first check the valves for gas and water. If you have a tankless water heater that operates on electricity, you don’t have to worry about checking the gas valve and can instead just check the water valve.

Make sure that these valves are open enough to allow enough gas and water to flow through for your tankless water heater to work effectively. If you have an electric tankless water heater, look over all of the electrical connections to make sure none of the wires are loose. If they are, or you notice any problems that you cannot fix on your own, give our team a call to schedule service for your unit.

Demand Overload

It’s possible that nothing is actually wrong with your tankless water heater. If there is too much demand on the unit, it won’t be able to keep up with providing hot water at multiple sources. If you have hot water being used at multiple showers or you are using appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time, try turning off a couple of these and see if the problem relents. 

If you consistently struggle with a demand problem, you may need to install a second tankless water heater in your home. This is a very common practice, especially for households with larger families. You can install a tankless water heater on each side of your house to better meet demand and reduce the strain on the system. 

Check the Filters

Your tankless water heater has two filters. The first is an air filter, and the second is a water filter. If the air filter gets clogged with dirt and debris, it won’t be able to take enough air to heat water for your home. You can remove this filter and clean it out to see if that makes a difference.

You can also take out the water filter and rinse it off. The water filter is designed to capture sediment caused by hard water with high mineral content. The sediment can block water flow into your tankless water heater, much in the same way that debris can block airflow.

If none of these troubleshooting tips offer an improvement to the problem that you are experiencing with your tankless water heater, go ahead and give our team a call for service. We can do some additional troubleshooting ourselves and figure out what the problem is so that we can fix it and get your tankless water heater working again.

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