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4 Ways You Might Be Neglecting Your AC

It seems like each summer after the last is getting hotter here in Pennsylvania, and this year seems to be one of the hottest yet. As the temperatures rise, it is only natural that you will rely more on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Unfortunately, your air conditioner will have to work a lot harder to keep your home cool. With all the hard work it goes, you might not realize that you could be causing a lot of harm to your AC. As with any appliance, too much strain can cause additional wear and tear, leading to extensive damage that can shorten its life.

Modern air conditioners are designed to last for 10–15 years. Not using yours properly could cut its operational lifespan in half and leave you with hefty bills for repairs and utility costs. Are you taking good care of your air conditioner?

It is possible to get better use out of your air conditioning in Bucks County if you can learn about ways you might be neglecting your air conditioner and take steps to reduce your bills without compromising on comfort.

Here are some ways you could be neglecting your air conditioner’s care and what you can do to prevent problems.

1. Ignoring maintenance needs

Air conditioners require regular maintenance to ensure that they can run smoothly without developing problems. These units come with several moving parts, and a technician can repair and replace these components as necessary during maintenance visits. Letting these components wear down and break could cause substantial damage to the unit, leading to expensive repairs or even a complete replacement.

2. Installing an incorrectly-sized AC

When it comes to air conditioning, size matters: a unit that is too small for the house will have to work too hard, and it will still be unable to cool your house properly. A system larger than your home’s cooling requirements will reach the thermostat settings too quickly and start short-cycling. An AC uses too much electricity in both cases and can rack up high energy bills. The short cycling can also damage the unit with additional strain. You should work with a professional to ensure that you have a correctly sized AC.

3. Inefficient thermostat settings

Setting the thermostat to the lowest possible setting is another way you could be damaging the air conditioner. By setting the temperature too low, you will only cause your unit to work harder, causing strain and speeding up wear and tear. Setting the thermostat to a temperature that is just low enough from the outside temperature can help you get the best cooling from your system without soaring energy bills or additional strain.

4. Obstructed airflow

Dirty air filters or debris and obstacles for the external unit cause the AC to work harder to draw air in and cool it. Obstructed airflow can eventually lead to the air conditioner accumulating significant damage and breaking down. Change the air filters regularly and keep the external unit and vents free of anything that can obstruct the airflow.

Call The Professionals For AC Services

If you notice that your air conditioner is struggling or it has been giving you problems you’ve been ignoring for a while, we suggest contacting professionals for AC services immediately. Air conditioning experts can examine your unit, take care of its maintenance, and address any potential issues before they can turn into extensive problems that require expensive repairs. That is where we come in at Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

Contact Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling for AC services today.

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